Sunday, February 5, 2017

Regional Swim Meet

Trent competed in the Regional Swim Meet in Lewisville, Texas this weekend. He did an amazing job. 

He placed 6th out of 21 swimmers in the preliminary swim on Friday which qualified him for the championship finals on Saturday. He was so excited.

A big stretch!
My boy is in lane 5
The Finals on Saturday were exciting. They have a consolation swim for the swimmers who placed 9-16. Then they walk in the swimmers who placed 1-8 to some fun music to swim their event. Our boy placed 5th!! He shaved 2 seconds off his time from the day before...amazing!
He was emotional

He set a goal at the beginning of the year to just go to District. He made it to the Finals at Regionals and placed. He picked this shirt and I think it says it all! 














Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Tigersharks Go Bald For Regionals

The Tigersharks shaved their heads bald for Regionals last night! My boy looks a little funny but I'll get used to it. I keep telling myself it's just hair. I love the team spirit these boys have. The team leaves tomorrow for Regionals...wish them luck!

The boys all waiting for their turn

A little nervous look

The ladies at the salon let the boys have fun with the shaving and then go behind and clean it up.

Tiger T
A definite NO on the mom front!
Thank goodness the ladies shaved the rest. 
My Baldie!!! Looks like his Daddy! He is still handsome even without hair!












Tigersharks go Blonde

It's a tradition at Texas High that the Tigershark swim team bleaches their hair blonde for the district swim meet. The district swim meet was on January 21. The boys stood in line and waited patiently with caps on their hair for it to be bleached. They had a blast.

The process was long....
But finally...blonde!
Look at those eyebrows!!!
I guess it was worth it because my baby made Regionals!!!!
They shave their heads bald for Regionals and State!






Trent is Going to Sadie Hawkins

Trent was asked to go to the Sadie Hawkins dance at swim class a few weeks ago. I know, I'm behind on writing blogs! He is very excited! He sent me a picture of the sign she gave him. 

They are both in swim together. The dance is on February 25 so I will post lots of pictures of my handsome boy and his pretty date!



Sunday, January 1, 2017

New Year's Eve

We rang in 2017 with a bang!!!
Trent lit our fireworks.
Dad helped just a little.

Logan said the fireworks were just a little loud. 
Sarah even popped a few Roman candles. They were her first ever!!!
We toasted the New Year with a few shots.
Logan had a blast.
I'm so glad my best friend Sarah got to ring in the New Year with us this year.












Family Pictures

We had family pictures made while we had all the boys home for the holidays. It had been about 4 years since we had taken Butler family pictures.
Our boys have grown so much!! Trent is now as tall as the 3 older boys.
We sure have some handsome kids.
Meme and Papa with their grandsons.
My whole world in one picture.
My sweet hubby
Corbin and Mom
Braden and Mom
Trenton and Mom
Logan and Mom
Logan and Daddy
Our college boys, Corbin and Braden.
Braden and Trent