Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from the Foster's! We have had a great Christmas. Santa was good to all the boys this year. Trent and Logan got a jump-jump (trampoline) from Santa but have not been able to jump on it because we have had rain, then sleet, and finally snow! The boys are loving their white Christmas and made a huge snowman! My mom had surgery on Friday and has been recuperating over the holidays. My mom has always made the Christmas meal but this year Christmas dinner was at my house and I cooked dinner for the family! I made ham, pineapple dressing, and chocolate torte. My fabulous sis-n-law made Mac and cheese and awesome herbed corn(it was the hit of the meal). My daddy made an apple pie!!! Dinner was fabulous and I got to use my Christmas china and silver. I hope everyone has had a super Christmas. I am super blessed to share the day with my sweet family.

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