Friday, December 26, 2014

Jorge has left the building

Jorge has gone home to the North Pole. Logan is sad and the rest of us are worn out!!! Elfin is hard work. He was really busy this last week and even skipped a couple days because our sweet Logan went completely bonkers this week before Christmas. 

Logan planted candy seeds and candy cane's grew. He used beans because that's what Jack used to grow a beanstalk....and Mommy used all the sugar for candy making!
He hung Logan's undies instead of stockings. Logan loved it.
He colored the milk green and called it elf milk.
He left a note for Logan to behave after a night away.
He helped Frosty decorate the tree.
He tried to steal Logan's candy canes.
He tried to get into the candy. 
He had a massive snowball fight with a wise man.

I am also including a few Christmas pics that I thought were cute of my kiddos.

Corbin made homemade caramel corn for all his teachers and a few McAlister's coworkers. Corbin is a talented cook and pretty smart to sugar up his teachers right before grades are due.
He refused to let me get a good pic with him in it. Teenagers drive me nuts. 

I just wish he didn't make such a mess!
Decorating the tree. He loves the trees. He will miss them when we take them down. He dressed himself on this day...choose your battles!
One of my four handsome sons. I tease that he's my favorite because he caused me the least amount of childbirth! This little cutie may not have grew in my belly but he grew in my heart. There are no steps in our house except the stairs...we just have a lotta boys and love!
My classroom door for the decorating contest.
Trent and Santa.
Silly Logan.
My baby was sad. 
Ryan's favorite movie. We just needed Jamey for the other character.
Never let Braden have your phone!
The traditional tree photo. 
It was a great Christmas. We have a couple more parties still to go and Corbin is having a few friends over for New Year's Eve...we are brave parents. We are going to close out 2014 with a bang!

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas Day 2014

Christmas Day has been a busy, exciting day for the Foster's. We slept until almost 9:00 am!!! The four year old is sick and needed lots of rest. Ryan was the first one up this year. 

My four boys sleepily posed for the Christmas morning pajama pic.
The boys were happy with their Christmas haul this year and I enjoyed the smiles, hugs, laughter, and memories that were made this morning.

I made a wonderful Christmas breakfast and the grandparents came by to see their happy grandchildren. We shared coffee and cocoa (whipped cream and's Christmas). 

I had just enough time to shower and then Mom and I were back in the kitchen to make Christmas dinner. I am going to hate when their kitchen is done, I have loved having my Mom share the kitchen with me. Our meal was delicious but the time spent with family was the best treat.

I got a few snapshots of Trenton and Braden in their new duds. Corbin had already left for Mam and Grandpas and Logan never took off his jammies today.

My Trenton loves wolves. Trent opened one of his gifts today and it was a few t-shirts, he said, "I'll be honest I'm not as excited about clothes as much as the rest of my presents but the shirts are much appreciated"!!!! You gotta love the boys honesty!
My favorite red head has a wonderful sense of humor and this shirt fits his humor perfectly.
We ended our meal celebrating our nephew James' 11th birthday. He is by far the greatest Christmas gift I have ever received. If you ask Logan who's birthday is today he says, "baby Jesus and James!"
I am one happy, blessed Mom today. I am soaking in the sounds of my four boys laughing and running up and down the stairs and enjoying their Christmas Day. What a beautiful day we have been blessed with. My cup runneth over.

Christmas Eve

I started tamale Christmas Eve several years ago with my family and it is now one of our favorite traditions. My parents and Ryan's parents  come over and we eat tamales and all the fixings and lots of Christmas candy. This year thanks to the help of my sweet HP friends I actually made the tamales! My family said they were the best we have ever had. 

Our tamale spread. Tamales, Taquitos, rice, chips, cheese dip, guacamole, and salsa.
Our candy spread. I told you we went candy crazy this year.
Our group is patiently waiting to eat.

This little boy loves Chris and Liz. He is going to have to share the attention next year with our sweet Lilly. I can't wait!!!!
After we ate it was time for reindeer food. Yes, my kid is in shorts in the background...only in Texas!

Liz had never put out reindeer food so tonight was a first for her.
I just love our Liz. She is a great addition to our family and always loves to have fun. She makes our Chris happy and that warms my sweet aunty heart! 
Chris, Liz, Logan,Meme, and I painted ornaments. It was really fun even when Logan started painting himself.

Braden cut off Chris' head! 
The boys got to open one present tonight and it was Christmas Jammie's, The Night Before Christmas book, and the Nativity story.
Trent and Logan in their pajamas. Corbin and Braden went to midnight mass with Grandpa  and Grandma so their pajama pic will have to be in the morning.
My parents gave the boys the book and it has them recorded reading the book to the boys. It is one of my favorite possessions. I wish I had a book with my grandparents voices reading to me. My boys are blessed to have such loving and thoughtful grandparents.

My oldest loves the book just as much as my youngest!
My parents loved watching Logan get excited about the book.
We shared the nativity story next and everyone got a box to open and add to the nativity as I read the story. I love this part of our tradition because it teaches Logan about the true meaning of Christmas.

Braden thought an upside down photo would be cute! 

We were losing Daddy quickly by this point so we wrapped things up.
We left out cookies and Dr. Pepper for Santa (he likes Dr. Pepper at our house..I promise). We said our prayers, counted our sheep, and waited for the big man to arrive!
Merry Christmas from our home to, the Foster's.