Monday, September 1, 2014

Corbin and Logan

Corbin was thirteen when we became pregnant with Logan. When we told Corbin we were expecting he became really quiet for a couple of days. I asked him,"are you mad?", he said....when you told me about Trent, I was 4, we went to the hospital and you had Trent. I'm 13 now, I know how that baby got in there and how it's coming out this time and I'm a little freaked out! I died laughing!
The moment Logan was born he has been Corbin's best friend. Corbin loves Logan and Logan adores Corbin. All of Corbin's friends love on Logan and Logan loves to be around the big kids. Corbin even wrote a paper for school on his best friend and he picked Logan..Logan was 2 at the time (should I be proud or worried?) I'm so happy that my oldest and youngest have such a strong bond even with a 13 year age difference. I hope this bond continues for the rest of their lives. I worry for both of them next year as Corbin leaves for college. They will miss each other terribly. Thank goodness for FaceTime!

Logan had to park his jeep just like his Bubby (that's what Logan calls him)
If we take pictures Corbin is always holding Logan.

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