Sunday, October 5, 2014

Senior homecoming

My handsome son. 
Corbin asked his girlfriend Keely to homecoming by having their friends give her rubber ducks all day at school. He made a sign that said..I would be one lucky duck if you would go to homecoming with me. Keely said Yes, of course!
I thought it would be cute to use ducks on the mum and for her flowers this year since it all started with a duck.
I actually made the mum myself this year.
They blinged out the duckies!
Corbin and Keely looked great together.

Ryan and I had so much fun being apart of pictures this year. The kids were a fun group.

Ryan even got a good pic with Corbs. I love my sweet men.
Senior year has been tough on me. I love the young man my son is becoming, and I am enjoying all the activities that come with Senior year, but each one reminds me how quickly time is passing.

 Here is a picture of 2 VERY proud moms.
The kids had a great time and looked fabulous!
Thank you Corbin for letting me be apart of this special night.

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