Sunday, November 30, 2014

Christmas Decorations 2014

I love decorating for Christmas. My boys love to help me put out our Christmas decorations and we all have the best time talking about the memories the decorations bring to mind for us. Logan could not wait for us to put up our trees. He has talked about Christmas trees for a month. Last year he cried when we took down the tree.

This corner cabinet is from my Grandma Kell's kitchen. My mom painted it and added the fruit on the bottom for me when we built our house. It is one of my favorite things. My dining room is my snow man room and my snowman collection is displayed in this cabinet.

I love having an advent calendar. The compartments are numbered and each one contains a little ornament. The boys take turns opening the door every morning.

My mom gave me the Christmas dishes and they have snowmen on them. I love having them out to use for the kiddos during the holidays. The nativity is beautiful at the top of the china cabinet.

This little angel is not the prettiest girl around but this is the angel that was on my tree when I was a little girl so she will always have a place in my home.

Logan is so proud of his tree, he says he likes to look at it because it makes his heart happy. I love that sweet boy.

Logan took this picture of the church in the village.

My babies stockings. We even have one for Jack (the dog).

My little village. Logan loves the village. He gets his toy cars out and plays for hours with these little houses. Trent did the same thing when he was little. One time I found the houses on their sides and trees knocked down. I said Trent what happened to the village and he said, "tornado in the village". 

My best friend Sarah gave me this gorgeous angel.

The tall elf is named Buddy and our dog Jack is terrified of him.

Our snowman tree in the dining room. There is a train at the bottom but it does not stay intact on the track because my four year old just loves the train!

Merry Christmas from the Foster's.

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