Friday, November 28, 2014

Christmas Ornaments

   I love Christmas!!! I love collecting ornaments. Ornaments bring back special memories. When the boys were little I started writing little notes about why they picked a certain ornament that year. I pick their first five ornaments from Hallmark and then they start picking their own...except Logan, I let him pick his own every year even though he is only 4. 

Corbin's first 5 ornaments from hallmark were little teddy bears with Christmas cookies with his age.

Braden's first 5 Hallmark ornaments were  teddy bears in trains.

Trent's first 5 Hallmark ornaments were a little different. Trent's first 3 were identical to Braden's train ornaments with a different year but his 4th and 5th year are dogs. His 4th is a dog painting and his 5th is a dog riding a scooter.

Corbin went through a Scooby Doo phase. We had Scooby Doo everything...movies, stuffed animals, bedding!!!

Corbin picked this one because he loves to cook and watch cooking shows.

This one was last years ornament. My baby is driving. I need to find another one for Braden this year.

Braden was crazy about Power Rangers. This phase went on for several years. Logan loves the red Power Ranger and fought with Braden about this ornament this year.

I thought Braden looked just like Chuckie from rugrats. 

Trent loves doing plays with Fine Line players. A couple years ago he was in "A Christmas Story" and this ornament was perfect.

My sweet Logan's first 2 ornaments and an airplane ornament. We decorated his nursery with airplanes and his Aunt Courtney bought this beautiful plane on a trip to Omaha, Nebraska.

Logan was born on October 28th. We nicknamed him Casper. Aunt Rebecca found this sweet little mommy and baby ghost ornaments at Hallmark when he was born.

Logan is crazy about Curious George. 

Braden played football for years. We loved watching him play.

 Corbin and Braden are huge Texas Longhorn fans.

My mother in law Cheri made this ornament years ago for my father in law. He passed away many years ago but this ornament hangs on our tree near the angel every year.

Ryan and I lost a baby many years ago. We never knew if it was a boy or girl but Corbin told everyone he was getting a baby sister named Katy. Corbin's aunt Cathy made us a whole family of gingerbread men that year with a little baby gingerbread girl. I hang this sweet baby next to Bill's ornament near the angel. It reminds me of my sweet baby in heaven.

We could never forget the Harry Potter craze.

I am not ashamed of my love of Twilight and Edward.

Logan's handprint when he was just 1.

Trent loved Star Wars. 

Logan is crazy about donuts.

With 4 boys you knew there had to be a superman ornament in there.

Trent loves wolves.

The first ornament I bought my husband after we were married. He collects Coca-Cola items.

We have several trumpets on our tree but this one is my favorite.

And last but not least, the crown belongs to the queen of this castle!!

Merry Christmas from the Foster's.

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Ok...and where is the original ornament that you gave to Ryan in the sixth grade?