Saturday, November 8, 2014

College day and Senior night

Corbin is a Senior this year and is applying to colleges. He was accepted to Henderson State University and Ouachita Baptist College this week. My mommy heart is bursting with pride at his accomplishments. I LOVE that both schools are in Arkadelphia, Arkansas and are only an hour and a half from ME!!!!

Corbin and I went to visit the two colleges on Thursday. I loved being able to spend the day with Corbin. I have 4 boys so one on one time is hard to come by. I just knew we would talk and gab all the way to Arkadelphia....reality sucks! Corbin slept the whole way there!!!!

What's a mom to do with all that free time...take selfies with the boy of course!

Henderson State University had a Reddie day for Seniors to attend and tour the school and ask questions. I was excited and wanted to document the whole experience...Corbin not so much. He does not like cameras.
The campus was beautiful and he did consent to a few pics while looking at the campus. I think he was having fun with old mom. He will never admit it, but there is just a little hint of a smile in the pics.

Corbin scheduled an appointment to tour Ouachita Baptist University while we were there. I was so surprised when we arrived and found our very own parking spot.

The tour was fabulous and he even let me take a picture of him with the mascot. The mascot is a tiger just like Texas High (will Corbin stay a tiger?...we will see).

Friday night was Senior night at the football game and Ryan and I got to walk our first born across the field. 

We are a couple of proud parents!!!!

The last couple of days have been super busy and full of laughter and just a few tears. The two universities are two wonderful campuses that will be lucky to gain our son next year. My heart is breaking at the thought of letting him go but I'm extremely proud of his accomplishments and his excitement as he plans his future. I am so blessed that God chose me to raise this remarkable young man. I have loved and cherished every moment of his past, I am trying my best to make every moment count for his present, and I can't wait to see what his future holds. My cup runneth over.

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Vickie Steward said...

I really enjoy reading your blog. Congrats to Corbin!