Sunday, November 23, 2014

Date Night

    My sweet boy Trenton asked me out on a date earlier in the week for last night. I was beyond excited!!!! I have 4 boys so I love when I get one on one time with each of them.
    The night started out great. He let me pick out his outfit ,he looked super handsome. Trent even got a haircut that day and put on deodorant and cologne without me reminding him, anyone who has raised a 13 year old realizes that this is a rare occurrence.
    As we were walking out the door his friend Gage called and wanted to spend the night. Yes, as you can guess my sweet boy ditched his mom as his date and I quickly assumed the role of driver of the teenagers. Thank goodness my sweet mom was free and agreed to go with us.
   We picked up Gage and the boys wanted Raising Canes for dinner. Raising Canes just opened a day ago so it has been really busy. I was a good mom and stated, "we will drive by but if it's busy have another place picked"! We pulled in and there was one parking was meant to be. The cars were wrapped around the building for the drive thru so I knew the line inside was going to be crazy.  We quickly were able to order and found a table. Then the Cane sauce frenzy began. The sauce is addicting...I swear there's crack in the sauce to get you hooked and keep you coming back!
We all loved it and we even found Corbin's picture with the Texas High band on the wall. My baby is least at Texarkana's Raising Canes and  my house of course.
    We then went to Target for movie candy and then the movies. We had to sit a few rows above the boys because who wants to sit with their excluded because my mom was my date! The movie was great even though the theater was packed and the woman beside us coughed the first 15 minutes of the film but refused to leave the theater...I swear she coughed up her right lung!!!
   Trent ditched me but I'm so glad he has such good friends who really get him.  I worried for years that my sweet angel would not know the blessing of true friendship because of his autism. My mommy heart is feeling very thankful this morning for such a great night. 

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