Sunday, November 2, 2014

Halloween 2014

Logan Harrison Foster was born on October 28, 2010 and became our Halloween baby. We nicknamed him "Casper". My in-laws threw a fun Halloween party and we included cake and ice cream for "Casper's" birthday. Everyone dressed up and had a great time. The kids were treated to a haunted hayride and  bonfire and we ended the night with a "jake and the never land pirates cake". 

The city of Maud postponed trick or treating until Saturday night because of Friday night football so our little guy got to dress up twice. We also took Logan to Chuck e Cheese to celebrate his 4th birthday. He has had the best weekend. 

I asked Logan what his favorite part of the weekend was and he said handing out candy. He would watch out the front window and when someone drove up he would yell, "we have a customer". He would then run out of the house and meet them in the yard and tell them, "happy Halloween. You picked a very good house, my mom bought good candy!" He was hilarious. I love that little booger to the moon and back!

I don't know how I didn't Grandpa in the picture but he and Grandma were farmers.

My mom and dad were one of two of the cutest 50's couples ever.

My brother Jamey...he's so scary no mask is needed!!!

My talented sister-in-law Rebecca. She painted her face herself!

Me and my hunny! I was a lion and  he was superman! I'm digging that hair on my sweet baldie! He's my superhero every day.

The kiddos all dressed up.

My parents and my sweet nephew and his little missus. Next Halloween we will get to add our sweet Lillian to the photo mix!!!

My sweet niece Caroline. 

Hear me roar!

This is the second year he has chosen a "Jake" cake.

Casper and his cake

He loved Chuck E Cheese

My happy Buzz Lightyear. This costume was bought 13 years ago for Corbin when he was 4. It has been worn by Corbin, Trenton, and now Logan when they were all 4.

Waiting on customers!!!

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