Saturday, December 13, 2014

Best week ever!!!

The Foster's have had a wonderful week! We have been super busy with all the Christmas activities and it was nice to get good news from each of my kiddos.

Corbin made All Region Band and received a promotion at work! Our Corbin is a hard worker (just not at home 😜). We are so proud of Corbin and I love to see his hard work in band and at McAlister's pay off.
Trenton was chosen for National Junior Honor Society!!! We are thrilled for him! He also got new swim trunks and shaved 8 seconds off his 50 free (he is positive the swim trunks made him faster). He found out the Spring production for Fine Line Players is Treasure Island and is very excited to audition. Trent also got to go to the Christmas dance with his friends last night. 
Logan has had a great week too. Logan has had a blast finding Jorge every morning and reading his Christmas books with Mommy. Today, Logan and I attended the Winter Blast at my school. He got to eat pancakes with Santa. He is not sure about Santa this year so Mommy had to be in the picture too!
He played games and painted ornaments. He played Bingo and was so upset he didn't win 😥. He loved decorating cookies (they were the most delicious cookies).
We went Christmas shopping and this sweet boy found a present for his Bubbies, Mom, and Dad. I took him to the dollar store and let him pick. His choices are funny and insightful on what he thinks we need and why.

We ended our day with a trip to Wal-Mart for groceries. I was dreading fighting the crowds with a 4 year old in tow. This last picture is the most peaceful shopping trip I have had in ages!!!
Bless it!! I need to call my sweet Braden and see how his week went. I am one super proud Mom of all my little prince's.

The Foster's are a blessed crew every day but this week was an exciting one indeed.

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