Saturday, December 6, 2014

Christmas traditions

Christmas traditions are very important to me. My mom had a way of making Christmas magical when I was little and I wanted my boys to have the same experience.

I bought an advent calendar years ago for the boys and they get excited to open up the door each day and hang the ornament. 

I had to pick up some photos the other day at Walgreens and they had advent calendars on sale so I bought two. Logan and Trenton were so excited to open each day and find a little piece of chocolate. 

Corbin found out the boys got an advent calendar with chocolate and wanted to know why I didn't buy him one! My seventeen year old senior needed one too! I rushed out the next day and bought one for Corbin so he could be part of the fun. 

Our elf, Jorge, came to our house again this year and is having lots of fun. Logan loves finding Jorge every morning. The older boys like helping Jorge get into mischief!

He brought Logan doughnuts on his first day back. 

He rode the train under the tree.

He got caught drinking syrup!

He likes hanging out in the tree and looking at ornaments.

He likes to steal cookies from the cookie jar.

He even got caught playing drums with mommy's pots and pans!

Logan even found him in his stocking.

Logan picks a Christmas book every night at bedtime to read. He can't wait for bedtime. These are the books we have read this week.

I love seeing my boys get excited during the Christmas season. My boys being happy are the best gift I could receive.

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