Monday, December 22, 2014

Marshall wonderland of lights

Ryan and I took the kiddos to Marshall to look at the lights and go ice skating. Unfortunately, Corbin had to work so it was just Braden, Trenton, and Logan. 

Braden drove for a little way and I have to say his driving is getting much better.

We ate at the JalapeƱo Tree.
Logan loved the foot long corn dog.
We then went downtown to look at the lights. 
We had a little fun with the decorations downtown.

I saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus.
They had Santa's workshop and Trent and Logan made toy trains and decorated cookies. The boys got to see Santa and take some cute pictures.

Logan finally took a picture with Santa without Mom. He wasn't sure about it but he did it. He said "no lap Santa"!

The boys got to go ice skating. Braden and Trent did great, Logan not so much. I walked with him and he struggled and said "get me out of here"!

My baby and I loved making memories with our boys.
We had a great time but on our way out I wanted give Santa my final wish list but that naughty man got a little frisky!
Merry Christmas and watch out for Santa!

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