Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Day 2015

Santa found our house! Santa was very good to our family this year.
We said goodbye to Jorge and Daddy caught a pic of Santa and Jorge last night.
The boys let me get a pic of them in their jammies.Corbin gets so excited about this picture every year!
The boys enjoyed their haul.

Jack was excited about Christmas too.

Trent was so excited about his present he started crying!! Parent win for us! 
We ended the day with a meal at my parents house and time with the nephews.

We celebrated Jesus birthday and our sweet James 12th birthday! 

Merry Christmas

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Eve 2015

It's Christmas Eve at our house so that means tamales!!! We have tamales every's our tradition! We read our nativity story and "The Night Before Christmas." We put out reindeer food and cookies for Santa. The funniest part of the evening was when Trent became upset and yelled at everyone, "you're all a bunch of butt holes!", in front of the grandparents!!! Some people would call this a parenting fail, not me, I call it a parenting win! My autistic teen was in a room full of noise, participating in a family activity and became upset and colorfully articulated his feelings...I tally that as a win. We did talk about choice of words. The best part was sharing tonight with our sweet Lilly! It's her first Christmas! 

My sweet hubby
The stockings were hung
Mommy and Bob the elf
Jorge the elf
Logan won the game
Grandpa and Papa
Trent and Corbs
Our sweet Lilly bug
She hated the crown! Aunt Casey will fix that! I finally have a girl and she's's a no brainer she's a future Miss America!
She loved the reindeer ears!!! 
Reindeer food
Lilly's pajamas...she has her Uncle Ryan wrapped around her little finger!
Cookies for Santa
He is so sweet!
Merry Christmas from the Foster family!

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Butler Family Christmas

We celebrated Christmas with my side of the family. We made the boys take turns and open gifts one at a time going from the youngest to the oldest. It takes a while to open when you have 7 boys! I love our boys: Corbin, Braden, Conner, Trent, James, Ian, and Logan. My parents got me the best gift this year. I have had the same cookware since I got married 17 years ago!!! That's a long time people! I got the new Pioneer Woman cookware!!!! It even came with a pre seasoned cast iron skillet...can you tell I'm excited! It's almost too pretty to use...but I will have to...eventually! 

I have learned wrestling and beating up on each other=LOVE!

My moms pretty tree
Ian and Logan
My dad and mom
Corbin and Conner
Casey, Ryan, Jamey, Rebecca

Gingerbread Fun

Logan wanted to make a gingerbread house this year. I bought a kit years ago and attempted to make one with Corbin, Braden, and Trenton and it was a disaster! I was not excited about this but couldn't break Logan's heart. I bought a kit and Logan was so excited. Corbin decided to help us. The house turned out great and we had so much fun. I think Logan ate more candy than he put on the house! I'm not sure I will make this an annual tradition but it was a fun project this year. Who am I kidding we all know if Logan asks again next year I'll say yes...I'm a push over for that cutie!


Saturday, December 19, 2015

Star Wars

It's Christmas break and this teacher is worn out! I am ready for two weeks of relaxing and loving on my boys. 

We started the break off with a family movie date to see Star Wars. Ryan was so excited and Trent chose to miss his swim Christmas party to go with us. We even included Logan for his introduction to Star Wars...I'm happy to report he loved it and his daddy said, "Logan, I am your father!" I'm not real sure Ryan could have handled it if Logan hated the movie.

He is a very excited little boy. He loves going to the movies.
Grandma and Grandpa were sweet enough to purchase tickets for everyone. I promise I did not "stage" the photos but just took them as we waited but Grandma did notice that their picture happened to include an advertisement for seniors day at the movies.
Chris and Liz
My movie date...well dates! Logan held mommies hand and snuggled with me in the movie just like daddy. 
Jon and Courtney
Michael and Trent. This whole night was Michael's idea. I'm so glad he suggested family movie night. We had a blast.
We had to wait in line for a while so I took pictures with the sweetest 5 year old around.
The movie was great and it was a fun experience to share with the family.

May the force be with you!!!!