Monday, January 26, 2015


I was going through old pictures and found some of the sweetest pictures of my boys playing in the snow. It made me want snow so bad! I'm picky about how I want the snow...I want at least enough to play in for one day, I want enough to make a snowman, ride redneck sleds, make snow angels, and make snow ice cream. I also want it to happen on a weekend so I do not lose my bad weather teacher life! I also want NO ICE and the roads to be slushy with snow but not slick with ice and safe to drive on. I want it to happen on a weekend that my husband and oldest son are off work and my Braden is visiting for the weekend so I can play with all my boys. I want to play all day and drink hot cocoa and watch good movies the rest of the day with a bowl of hot soup and crackers. I am not asking for too much am I? This would be the perfect snow day. Our warm, cozy house in the snow
The trees in this picture are just beautiful
Snow Angels
Our redneck sled
Corbin and Trenton in the snow
Trent and Logan. This was Logan's first snow and he HATED it. Logan is 4 now and I think he would have a blast playing in the snow now.
My baby and I having fun in the snow.
I just want one day to play and make memories and then it can go away...just one day is all I need.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

It's T-Ball Time!!!

We signed our last Foster up for t-ball today!!! This is big folks! I LOVE baseball and there is nothing cuter than little bitties learning to play ball. Logan has talked nonstop for a year...seriously a whole year about t-ball (his Daddy is pretty jazzed about today too).

We don't know what team, coach, or schedule but it was exciting for Logan just going to sign ups. He can't wait to make new friends. He is also really good at hitting and throwing (I know all parents say this but seriously he is really good) and loves to play with his dad and brothers. He even plays with his friend Jake next door. Jake is our teenage neighbor and is a really good ball player, he is so sweet with Logan and helps him hit and throw...Logan thinks Jake is awesome.

I can't wait to sweat my butt off this spring and summer watching my little man play his little heart out. Take me out to the ball game!

         Daddy and Logan at sign ups
         He wanted to see the field.
         I think he's a happy boy today!
                         Play Ball

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Happy Birthday MeMe

My mom is 60 today!!! She is beautiful inside and out and I am blessed beyond belief that she's my mom. The Kell women have been blessed with beautiful skin and they age really well, my mom doesn't look any where close to 60. (Lucky me for inheriting her skin!)

She was born on January 21, 1955 to Leroy and Judy Kell in the beautiful state of Missouri. She was the 6th of 7 children and their baby girl. They moved to Texas when she was 2 and she graduated from Texas High in 1973. Her parents moved to Maud her Senior year and she refused to attend Maud High School and lived with her oldest brother and his wife during the week and came to Maud on the weekends. She said that she just couldn't imagine going to such a small school...isn't it funny that she sent her two kiddos to Maud and cheered loud and proud for the Maud Cardinals. She now awaits the end of this school year to watch her first born grandson graduate from her alma mater of Texas High.

She is the best mom/meme in the world and is my best friend. I talk to my mom every day...sometimes several times a day! She has stood by me during my greatest moments and held my hand at my weakest points. She has nursed every boo boo and dried every tear. 

My mom has helped me bring all 3 of my sons into this world and held my hand and cried with me as I lost my angel baby. She has kept all my babies for Ryan and I so I could teach. I go to work every day knowing I am leaving my children in the best care...that is a relief and a blessing for a working mom!

She has the most beautiful bond with each of my children and they adore her.
Corbin is just as much her baby as he is mine. We lived with her and Dad until he was 2 and he is the firstborn grandchild so he was pretty spoiled from the get go. 

She has accepted Braden has hers from the moment she met him. Lord help the person that ever calls him her step! She loves her red head. Braden always wants to spend the night at my parents whenever he visits which speaks volumes of his relationship with my parents. 

She has the sweetest relationship with Trent. She reads and educates herself about his autism. She is one of the few people other than Ryan and I who can calm Trent when he is having a tough time. She never missed a beat when we received news of his autism. She said okay now what do we do to help him. Trent calls her Dr. Meme and thinks only she can doctor him when he is hurt...and bless it, she does it..she runs over here every time the little toot calls!

Logan adores her! He is a ball of energy and she puts up with him every day. He is my last and her last and he will start school next year. This will be the first time in seventeen years that she will not have one of my boys at her house every day. We call her house Meme's school for boys!

My boys are blessed to have her as their Meme, Ryan is lucky to have such a sweet mother-in-law, and I am so glad that God chose her to be my mother. I am filled with love for her every day but especially on this special day! 

Happy Birthday Mom!!!

This is my favorite picture of my mom. She was a beautiful bride.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Logan the magician

I now have a magician in my home named Logan. Logan attended a birthday party over the holidays for his cousin Avery. Logan and Avery are a couple months apart in age and play so well together. Avery lives in another state so Logan only gets to see her over the holidays and during the summer. We wish Avery lived closer because he loves spending time with Avery.

Alicia, Avery's mom, always plans the best birthday parties and this year it was rainbowed theme and had a magician. The magician was wonderful and gave lots of special attention to all the kiddos. The magician even made balloon animals after the show. The magician impressed Logan so much that several weeks later he is still trying to do magic tricks and calling himself a magician.

Logan had a great time at the party and enjoyed spending the afternoon with friends.

Logan and Avery
Logan and his friends
The magician and his assistant Avery
The magician asking the kids if they had money
Logan got a sword and belt for his sword.
Logan was shocked when the magician found a silver dollar behind his ear.

Avery floating in the air.
Logan told Avery, "your a magic girl, Avery!"

Monday, January 19, 2015

Family Dinner

Tonight we had dinner together as a family. We do this every night but tonight was special because Corbin was with us. I can't remember the last time Corbin was home for dinner time. Corbin is always busy with work, school, and just being a teenager. We always join hands and bless the food and tonight I squeezed my sons hand a little tighter realizing that these moments are quickly fading. I know he will come home from college from time to time but things will be different when he isn't here everyday. Ryan, Corbin, and I stayed around the table and talked after dinner and I loved how adult our conversation was with our son. Corbin is such a good brother he spent the rest of the evening playing with Logan. Tonight was very special to me, sometimes just ordinary days turn out to be where the best memories are made!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Happy Birthday Grandma

Today is my mother-in-law's aka Grandma's birthday. Ryan, the boys, and I all hope she has had a fabulous day. She is an amazing woman who somehow juggles her time to make sure all the kiddos have their special time with her. She is super organized (which makes my OCD heart happy) and can make every party special even when we only give her a few hours notice that we need a quick family party. She fixes boo boos, sings special songs, and tells the best stories. She accepted Corbin has her own from the moment she met him and I love her for it. She juggles schedules to help us pick up and take back Braden so that we get that extra time with our sweet boy. She reads and educates herself about autism so she can understand and help with Trent, and she totally gets how wonderful and special he truly is. She sees the beauty in our Trent that others will never see. She loves our Logan and gives him her full attention and laughs at all his silly four year old stories and jokes. She shares her wonderful son with a mom of four boys I know this has to be hard at times to share someone you love so much. She gets us and loves us flaws and all and we love her very much. Happy Birthday Grandma your Foster kids love you very much.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year

I have thought about 2015 for years. 2015 marks the end if high school for my first born. How does time fly by so fast? When he was little we would talk about him graduating high school in 2015 and now it's here. I really need time to slow down.

Corbin had a few friends over last night and let Trent stay and hang out. Trent was beyond excited. Logan charmed the ladies and everyone had a great time. The kids ate, and ate, and ate....teenagers eat a lot! They played board games and a few minute to win it games, and shot fireworks. We rang in 2015 with a bang...thanks to Corbin!

The teens were playing a funny board game.
The blankets are a challenge from the game. One kid had to build a fort with pillows and blankets and stay in it until his next turn!
How cute is my baby
My handsome Senior.
Look how sweet they look. 2015 is going to be a big year for these two! I can't wait!!!
My cutie Trent. 
Sparkler fun!!
He kept telling all the girls, "I'm 5". The boy is 4 and a ladies man!!!
Liz and I taking a selfie

Trent being Trent
Happy New Year!!!