Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Happy Birthday Grandma

Today is my mother-in-law's aka Grandma's birthday. Ryan, the boys, and I all hope she has had a fabulous day. She is an amazing woman who somehow juggles her time to make sure all the kiddos have their special time with her. She is super organized (which makes my OCD heart happy) and can make every party special even when we only give her a few hours notice that we need a quick family party. She fixes boo boos, sings special songs, and tells the best stories. She accepted Corbin has her own from the moment she met him and I love her for it. She juggles schedules to help us pick up and take back Braden so that we get that extra time with our sweet boy. She reads and educates herself about autism so she can understand and help with Trent, and she totally gets how wonderful and special he truly is. She sees the beauty in our Trent that others will never see. She loves our Logan and gives him her full attention and laughs at all his silly four year old stories and jokes. She shares her wonderful son with me...as a mom of four boys I know this has to be hard at times to share someone you love so much. She gets us and loves us flaws and all and we love her very much. Happy Birthday Grandma your Foster kids love you very much.

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