Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Happy Birthday MeMe

My mom is 60 today!!! She is beautiful inside and out and I am blessed beyond belief that she's my mom. The Kell women have been blessed with beautiful skin and they age really well, my mom doesn't look any where close to 60. (Lucky me for inheriting her skin!)

She was born on January 21, 1955 to Leroy and Judy Kell in the beautiful state of Missouri. She was the 6th of 7 children and their baby girl. They moved to Texas when she was 2 and she graduated from Texas High in 1973. Her parents moved to Maud her Senior year and she refused to attend Maud High School and lived with her oldest brother and his wife during the week and came to Maud on the weekends. She said that she just couldn't imagine going to such a small school...isn't it funny that she sent her two kiddos to Maud and cheered loud and proud for the Maud Cardinals. She now awaits the end of this school year to watch her first born grandson graduate from her alma mater of Texas High.

She is the best mom/meme in the world and is my best friend. I talk to my mom every day...sometimes several times a day! She has stood by me during my greatest moments and held my hand at my weakest points. She has nursed every boo boo and dried every tear. 

My mom has helped me bring all 3 of my sons into this world and held my hand and cried with me as I lost my angel baby. She has kept all my babies for Ryan and I so I could teach. I go to work every day knowing I am leaving my children in the best care...that is a relief and a blessing for a working mom!

She has the most beautiful bond with each of my children and they adore her.
Corbin is just as much her baby as he is mine. We lived with her and Dad until he was 2 and he is the firstborn grandchild so he was pretty spoiled from the get go. 

She has accepted Braden has hers from the moment she met him. Lord help the person that ever calls him her step! She loves her red head. Braden always wants to spend the night at my parents whenever he visits which speaks volumes of his relationship with my parents. 

She has the sweetest relationship with Trent. She reads and educates herself about his autism. She is one of the few people other than Ryan and I who can calm Trent when he is having a tough time. She never missed a beat when we received news of his autism. She said okay now what do we do to help him. Trent calls her Dr. Meme and thinks only she can doctor him when he is hurt...and bless it, she does it..she runs over here every time the little toot calls!

Logan adores her! He is a ball of energy and she puts up with him every day. He is my last and her last and he will start school next year. This will be the first time in seventeen years that she will not have one of my boys at her house every day. We call her house Meme's school for boys!

My boys are blessed to have her as their Meme, Ryan is lucky to have such a sweet mother-in-law, and I am so glad that God chose her to be my mother. I am filled with love for her every day but especially on this special day! 

Happy Birthday Mom!!!

This is my favorite picture of my mom. She was a beautiful bride.

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