Monday, January 26, 2015


I was going through old pictures and found some of the sweetest pictures of my boys playing in the snow. It made me want snow so bad! I'm picky about how I want the snow...I want at least enough to play in for one day, I want enough to make a snowman, ride redneck sleds, make snow angels, and make snow ice cream. I also want it to happen on a weekend so I do not lose my bad weather teacher life! I also want NO ICE and the roads to be slushy with snow but not slick with ice and safe to drive on. I want it to happen on a weekend that my husband and oldest son are off work and my Braden is visiting for the weekend so I can play with all my boys. I want to play all day and drink hot cocoa and watch good movies the rest of the day with a bowl of hot soup and crackers. I am not asking for too much am I? This would be the perfect snow day. Our warm, cozy house in the snow
The trees in this picture are just beautiful
Snow Angels
Our redneck sled
Corbin and Trenton in the snow
Trent and Logan. This was Logan's first snow and he HATED it. Logan is 4 now and I think he would have a blast playing in the snow now.
My baby and I having fun in the snow.
I just want one day to play and make memories and then it can go away...just one day is all I need.

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