Sunday, January 25, 2015

It's T-Ball Time!!!

We signed our last Foster up for t-ball today!!! This is big folks! I LOVE baseball and there is nothing cuter than little bitties learning to play ball. Logan has talked nonstop for a year...seriously a whole year about t-ball (his Daddy is pretty jazzed about today too).

We don't know what team, coach, or schedule but it was exciting for Logan just going to sign ups. He can't wait to make new friends. He is also really good at hitting and throwing (I know all parents say this but seriously he is really good) and loves to play with his dad and brothers. He even plays with his friend Jake next door. Jake is our teenage neighbor and is a really good ball player, he is so sweet with Logan and helps him hit and throw...Logan thinks Jake is awesome.

I can't wait to sweat my butt off this spring and summer watching my little man play his little heart out. Take me out to the ball game!

         Daddy and Logan at sign ups
         He wanted to see the field.
         I think he's a happy boy today!
                         Play Ball

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