Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Logan the magician

I now have a magician in my home named Logan. Logan attended a birthday party over the holidays for his cousin Avery. Logan and Avery are a couple months apart in age and play so well together. Avery lives in another state so Logan only gets to see her over the holidays and during the summer. We wish Avery lived closer because he loves spending time with Avery.

Alicia, Avery's mom, always plans the best birthday parties and this year it was rainbowed theme and had a magician. The magician was wonderful and gave lots of special attention to all the kiddos. The magician even made balloon animals after the show. The magician impressed Logan so much that several weeks later he is still trying to do magic tricks and calling himself a magician.

Logan had a great time at the party and enjoyed spending the afternoon with friends.

Logan and Avery
Logan and his friends
The magician and his assistant Avery
The magician asking the kids if they had money
Logan got a sword and belt for his sword.
Logan was shocked when the magician found a silver dollar behind his ear.

Avery floating in the air.
Logan told Avery, "your a magic girl, Avery!"

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