Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year

I have thought about 2015 for years. 2015 marks the end if high school for my first born. How does time fly by so fast? When he was little we would talk about him graduating high school in 2015 and now it's here. I really need time to slow down.

Corbin had a few friends over last night and let Trent stay and hang out. Trent was beyond excited. Logan charmed the ladies and everyone had a great time. The kids ate, and ate, and ate....teenagers eat a lot! They played board games and a few minute to win it games, and shot fireworks. We rang in 2015 with a bang...thanks to Corbin!

The teens were playing a funny board game.
The blankets are a challenge from the game. One kid had to build a fort with pillows and blankets and stay in it until his next turn!
How cute is my baby
My handsome Senior.
Look how sweet they look. 2015 is going to be a big year for these two! I can't wait!!!
My cutie Trent. 
Sparkler fun!!
He kept telling all the girls, "I'm 5". The boy is 4 and a ladies man!!!
Liz and I taking a selfie

Trent being Trent
Happy New Year!!!

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