Sunday, February 1, 2015

Lilly Bug's Shower

Christopher and Elizabeth's baby shower was this weekend. Our sweet little Lillian Alice will be here before we know it! This great aunt cannot wait! The last few weeks I have been telling Logan that we were going to Liz's shower. He finally said to me, "why are we going to watch Liz take a shower"! I love the way 4 year olds think!
How cute is this sweet girl. Liz is an adorable pregnant girl.
Liz and her parents.
My sister-in-law aka soon to be grandma and my mother-in-law. Can you tell we are getting excited!
We also celebrated my nephew Michael's birthday with a family dinner. Michael will turn twelve on Tuesday. I still remember the day he was born like it was yesterday.  He brings joy to everyone he meets and is a sweet and caring young man. I just love this boy.
Logan helped do the dishes with Grandpa and Grandma. How precious is this picture.
It was a busy weekend but time spent with family is never wasted time!

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