Saturday, February 7, 2015

Mardi Gras Parade

I have never been to a Mardi Gras parade      but yesterday we attended the parade in Texarkana. It was a perfect day to enjoy being outside and having fun. Corbin was at work, and Trent had spent the night with a friend, so it was just our little bitty and us. My parents joined in on the fun. 
Logan was so excited all morning after we told him we were going to a parade. I found these photos that he took while I was getting ready...he is a selfie king!!! 

We tried to get crawfish but after standing in line for 15 minutes and only taking 2 steps we threw in the towel! The lines were horribly long for everything! There were tons of kids activities but Logan could not take the lines...okay maybe it was mommy couldn't take the lines! Logan loved the masks and just had to have one!
We found our spot and waited for the BEADS!
My mommy and me are a little wind was a beautiful, windy day!
They were laughing about something. I love these two so much!
Little man was ready to get some beads.
We caught several beads but i thought my Beverly Goldberg mommy side was going to go off on a couple of ladies who needed to be reminded that they were snatching and fighting for beads with a four year old!!!! Cra, cra people don't know me like that!!! I don't play like that when my babies are involved! I get it from my mom...she was ready to whack one woman with Logan's foam sword if she stepped in front of him one more time!!!! I think we scared the people around us sufficiently because the boy made out like a bandit with his bead haul! Ryan caught one and there was a lady on one special float that made direct eye contact with my Daddy and threw beads directly at him in the very back! 

We had a blast at our first Mardi Gras Parade.

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