Wednesday, February 25, 2015

"Snow" much fun 2015!

The weather was predicting snow to start sometime after midnight so I thought we would wake up to a winter wonderland. Ryan and I woke up to the phone buzzing at 6 am to let us know that school was cancelled for today! I opened the blinds and waited for the snow!!! Logan stood at the window all morning and finally he's snowing!!!!!
Then our little impatient boy was ready RIGHT THEN to go play!!! I bundled him up...he looked like the kid from A Christmas Story!
I had to get pictures of the beautiful snow.

We played baseball...everyone plays baseball in the snow..right?!?! 

We took pictures, threw snowballs, built a snowman, and made snow angels.

Finally, the teenagers woke up to play!!!!
Trent and his buddies were so excited about snow day.
My boys playing in the snow.

My nephew Christopher called and invited us to go sledding at Lake Wright Patman spillway. We loaded up in his 4 wheel drive and off we went! Liz is only a week away from her due date so she had to watch but Lilly will be so worth it!!!!
Corbin went first to make sure it was safe! I wasn't worried because we have an heir and several spares!!!!
I have great videos but I can't upload them here :(. Ryan and I went and my brother, sister-in-law, Corbin, and my nephews Conner, Ian, and Chris. Logan tried but flipped and rolled and said No More!!! We had a blast!!!! The ride down was FUN but the steep walk back up was a killer....I'm a survivor!
My brother, Jamey, flipped and came back Mr. Snowbeard!
Snow Day 2015 has been awesome and the icing on the cake school tomorrow!!!! They even called it tonight so I don't have to set an alarm!!! Life is, I probably will feel differently when I have to make up our snow days! I am going to snuggle with my baby and eat snow ice would just be a waste if you didn't make snow ice cream!!!!

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