Friday, February 6, 2015


Trenton was chosen to be in National Junior Honor Society. He did not realize at first that this was a big honor. He texted me a picture of the invitation letter on his way to swim one afternoon. I immediately texted him back saying "congratulations, I am so proud of you". He wrote back, "why? I'm in trouble". I said, "why do you think that"? He said, "I have to do 10 hours of community service"! I quickly explained that community service in this case was a positive thing!

We are so proud of Trent. He is a good boy who has worked hard and it makes me happy to see that his hard work has been noticed by his teachers and peers. 

When Trent was diagnosed we were given several outcomes of what life for him was going to be like. Trenton is a fighter and has shocked us all by not letting his autism stop him from doing anything he sets his mind boy loves a challenge!!! 

Ryan and I have always worked hard to make sure he has every opportunity this life has to offer. We are blessed to have a huge support system who love us and adore Trent. 

Trent was inducted into NJHS last night and I was a very proud mom watching him walk across the be honest he almost ran. He was a little nervous. 

He was not excited about having to dress up but loved the clip on tie!
Trent "racing" across the stage.
Papa and Meme supporting their boy.
Grandpa and Grandma joined the fun too. 
As you can see he is a lucky boy who has two sets of grandparents who adore him.

Chris and Liz came to see him too. Trenton and Christopher have a special bond. Christopher had to buy a suit to wear to an interview recently and Trent was so proud to tell him that his outfit looked just like Chris'.
A proud Mommy selfie with her awesome young man.

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