Saturday, February 21, 2015

Pageant week

It's pageant week at our house. The 2015 Miss Maud pageant is on Saturday, February 28. We practice all week and on Saturday it's show time! 

I love pageants...I grew up doing pageants. I know there is lots of controversy concerning pageants but for me it was a positive, fun experience. I enjoy helping with the Miss Maud pageant because I want to see little girls have just as much fun as I remember when I was a little girl. Public speaking was easy for me because of pageant interviews. Do I agree with the Toddlers and Tiaras version of pageantry...not so much. Those moms are cra cra at times. I enjoy healthy competition not cheating, and meanness. It is usually not the girls that cause drama in pageantry but the moms.

There are several women who work very hard to make the Miss Maud pageant happen every year and I am blessed that they are my friends. We work hard to make sure the pageant is organized and fair for everyone. We spend a lot of time on the seriously is a whole year production! Our family's help too, husbands, kids, it's a team effort. 

I did lots of pageants over the years but the titles I loved the most were from my small hometown pageant of Maud. I'm sad that I don't have a daughter to share pageants with but I am glad that I get to spend at least a week with the sweet girls getting ready for the pageant.

Whenever I show my pageant pictures to my boys I'm always reminded of a quote from Birdee Pruitt in the movie Hope Floats...Once upon a time your Momma knew what it meant to shine! 

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