Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentines 2015

Valentines day 2015 has been a two day affair. The celebration began Friday at school. It was Friday 13th and a party day so I was expecting a crazy day!!!! I was pleasantly surprised at how wonderful the day turned out to be. My sweet first graders showered me with lots of love. Mrs. Sheffield has a student who decided to hold a contest yesterday to decide which teacher he should give a gift to...this kiddo is a funny kid. He was serious about this contest and informed me this morning that I won as he presented me with a $1 bill! I tried to give the money back but he would not have it. He was so excited to give this to me. It was precious!!!
The kiddos had a great party but WAY too many sweets!!! We played a fun "minute to win it" game and the kids loved it.
I helped Logan make his Valentines on Friday night. He chose cards for all of his family and then asked if he could give one to our neighbor Jake and our neighbors the Denton's. He walked Jakes over but he was not home so he left it with his sister. The Denton's loved his little card and hugged his neck. My baby then asked if he could take his leftover cards to Wal-Mart tomorrow when we get groceries and hand out to people!!! He truly is one of the sweetest kids ever!

I set out my babies presents for them to find Valentines morning.

Ryan's goodies. We always exchange's our thing.
Corbin's  goodies boy loves candy! His gift is small because we just paid off his band trip and booked Senior pictures. Senior year is EXPENSIVE!!!!
Trenton's goodies. Trent loves dogs.
Logan's goodies. He LOVES paw patrol right now.
I hope they like their goodies. I love to spoil my boys. 
Ryan and Logan surprised me this morning with donuts and a giant teddy bear and chocolates.
Logan delivered his Valentines to his family and friends. He loves to go to the donut shop and see his "girlfriend". He took her a valentine and she was so surprised. She gave Logan a rose and I got a sweet picture...she is a good sport and so sweet to my baby. 
We took MeMe to town and took her to lunch at McAlisters Deli so we could see our Corbin. 

We went to Wal-Mart to get groceries and he passed his last ten cards to random people. I loved the surprise on their faces as this sweet 4 year old handed them a card and said "happy valentines day"!

We picked up Namman's BBQ to surprise my sweet hubby for dinner before he goes to work. I think I'll end the day with a glass of wine and a big bubble bath. It has been a perfect Valentines Day with my loves.

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