Saturday, March 28, 2015

Logan day

We have had a fantastic day today!! I love getting to spend time with my sweet baby. I have 4 boys so finding time for one on one time is hard to do. I have been stressed this last couple of weeks and today I was able to put everything on hold and just enjoy life through Logan's eyes! He is truly one of the sweetest little boys I've ever seen.

We started the day early!!! Daddy took Logan and Trent to the barber shop for haircuts. I was dreading having to spend the morning at the barber shop that would be full of men, but my sweet hubby saved me. He had worked all night and took the boys for me before going to bed...I love that man!!!

Logan and I went to an Easter egg hunt at the Ace of Clubs House. Logan found a lot of eggs and two prize eggs. He played croquet on the lawn, marbles, and hula hooped. He made a bunny craft and got to pet bunnies, hedgehogs, guinea pigs, and a bearded dragon. They organized a scavenger hunt and Logan was the first kiddo finished! He had a great time.

This was as close as he was getting to that lizard!
How cute is this bunny?!?!
He said, "I love that big house".
Logan was hungry for lunch after all that egg hunting so we ran through chick-fil-a and took it out to Bringle Lake park for a picnic. The day was too pretty to stay inside!

Picnic selfie

He was looking for alligators in the lake.
We had to run a few errands and ran in to my friend Casey Grant and her girls at Target. The kids were so excited to see each other. We definitely have to set up a play date soon for our kids. Casey has four girls and I have four boys so I am always joking that we are going to pair them up and marry them to each other's a great idea, think how easy holidays would be! Logan and Chiersten are only 3 months apart.
They are so precious!!!
Logan had a birthday party for his friends Chloe and Kinley Williams. My friend Crystal is the girls mom and she planned a fabulous party. Crystal should start a cake decorating business. The cake she made for her girls was gorgeous!!! She is super talented. Logan had a blast. 

He liked hitting the piƱata.
A few of the kiddos at the party.
Logan kept getting closer and closer to Kennedy...I think he has a crush on her!
Here is a picture of the beautiful cake. The party had a frozen theme. I told you it was gorgeous!

Logan and Chloe blowing bubbles.
I was exhausted at this point but still needed to get groceries. Logan found a lawn mower that blows bubbles at Wal-Mart and insisted that he needed it! He promised if I bought it that he would help Daddy mow all the time. Ryan is a lucky Daddy to have such a good helper!
I loved every minute I spent with my sweet angel today. He is such a joy to be around...most days!!! I am so glad I am Logan Harrison's mommy.

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