Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Logan's first T-ball game

Logan had his first t-ball game tonight. He loves playing t-ball. He hit the ball twice and scored a run. He played one inning on the field great. The second inning...not so great...he played in the mud, lost attention when an airplane flew by, and ran all around the field. I have to remember he is only four! He did stop the ball twice and ran it to the circle. We were excited to see that he knew what to do when he got the ball. The sweetest part was when he got to second base his Daddy was there telling the kids when to run, Logan gave his Daddy the biggest hug. Ryan was grinning from ear to ear. We are making progress because at the scrimmage last week when he got to third and they said run home he ran into the dugout!!! We are very proud of him and glad he is having a good time. This season is going to be fun!!!

Logan and his friend Gage
His poor little ears look funny in his hat.
Running to first
He made it home!!!
Playing in the mud
He is a happy boy

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