Friday, May 29, 2015

Logan's Last T-Ball Game

Last night was Logan's last t-ball game for this year :(. We will be back next year. He loved playing T-ball. 
Ryan had a blast helping with Logan's team this year. I love watching the two them enjoying baseball together. Ryan is a good Daddy.
He is telling him to put his glove back on!
I think Ryan had as much fun as Logan!
He liked playing in the outfield. He also liked throwing his glove in the air, picking grass and throwing it on his head, dancing, and throwing dirt on the other team while on the field. (He got his butt swatted several times for throwing dirt at the other team...he said they were cheating!)
Logan loved when it was his turn to bat. Coach Brian was so patient with all these little ones. He was great with the kids.

He liked running the bases and seeing his Daddy at second base.

Logan's FAVORITE thing about t-ball was sliding into home....he slid every time!!!!
My favorite part of t-ball was seeing these men lead these little children in prayer after each game. 
T-ball season was a blast and we made lots of new friends...we can't wait for next season. I hope next year he will stop playing in the chalk...he is covered head to toe with chalk after EVERY game! 

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