Saturday, May 9, 2015

My greatest blessings

It is the day before Mother's Day and I am thinking about my four greatest blessings. They are my world. Life can be tough at times and these four are what keep me going. A horrible day can turn around with just a kiss, hug, or "I Love You Mom" from one of my boys. They are by far my greatest achievement and will be my lasting legacy of my brief time on this Earth. I am not a perfect mom...far from it, but I am trying my best to raise them to be good Christian men. They fill our home with love, laughter, and a lot of dirt...they are all boys!! I am so glad God chose me to be their Mom.

He is my first born and the first person to ever call me Mom. He is our jokester and is always playing tricks on everyone. He loves the Lord and has never been shy about letting you know it. He is my most independent child and always has been. He will be going away to college soon and although it will break my heart to let him go, I know that he is ready and will be fine. He is a wonderful big brother to all four of his younger brothers. I am so blessed to be his mother.

Braden is technically my stepson but I hate that word...the only steps in my home are my stairs! He did not grow beneath my heart but in my heart. He is an amazing young man and stole my heart from the moment we met. He has lived his entire life going between homes on weekends, summers, and holidays. He has siblings on both sides and he is such a good brother to all his siblings. He is my son and I love him very much. It has not always been easy but Cindy (Braden's mom) and I have found a way to make all this work because in the end we all love this amazing young man. I'm thankful that she shares her son with me and thank God for allowing me to be his mom.
Trent is my miracle boy. He has overcome obstacles I can't even imagine and amazes me every day. Trent has touched so many lives in his 14 years. He made us an official family, no more yours, mine, but everyone became OURS!!! His autism has made all of us look at the world differently. He has the sweetest heart and is really funny. He doesn't show a lot of affection because of his autism so when he does I know it's a big deal. There will be people in this world who will dismiss Trent because he is different and I hate that for them because they are missing out on an amazing person. God has a special plan for my Trent and I am so glad I was chosen to be this boys Mom.

Logan is my baby. He is my last child and has been a huge blessing to our family. He keeps me on my toes and always makes me laugh. The older boys spoil him rotten and he loves his big brothers. He is Daddy's shadow until bedtime and then he wants his Momma! He is a Momma's boy and I love it. He is a happy child who loves life!!! It is hard to not be happy when your around Logan. I am so glad God made me his Mom.

I am a lucky girl to have all these boys!!! I have many titles...wife, daughter, sister, teacher, but my favorite one is MOM. 

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