Saturday, May 30, 2015

The Magic of Ordinary Days

I watched a video the other day that showed a mom reading a story about the magic of ordinary days. The mom talked about how we document all the special moments in our children's lives and we are always so busy running here and there with our kiddos that we often feel crazy, but when we look back on things the happiest moments were just the ordinary days. Moments when you get an "I love you" for no reason, or a hug and kiss just because. Moments that you find the dishwasher loaded without asking, or the house picked up just because. Moments that you hear your kids upstairs laughing and playing, or playing outside in the pool. Moments when it's raining outside but everyone lays around eating popcorn and watching movies inside, or when your babies snuggle up to you in bed. These are the moments where our most precious memories are made. These are the moments that makes us family. These are the memories you look back on when your kids are grown and it's just you and your hubby in a house that is suddenly to quiet and eating at a table for six that suddenly is to big for just two. The special moments are important and should be documented but the magic is what happens on just ordinary days. 

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