Monday, June 1, 2015

Corbin is Graduating

Corbin is graduating on Saturday!!! How did we get here so fast? My baby is ready but his Mommy is not. I have been going through old pictures making a video for his graduation know I cried the entire time I was making the video. I can't post the video here so I'll post some of the sweet pics I included in his video.

I am scared to death in this photo. I had no idea how I was going to raise this baby. I had no idea how much this little boy would change me. I was scared to death of doing this by myself...I just knew I would ruin this sweet angel...instead this sweet angel saved me!
I thought I was alone but was I ever wrong...we were blessed beyond measure!
Four sets of grandparents! He was a lucky and very loved little boy. 

He was perfect in every way!
Then God sent us Ryan and we were a family. 
When you look at the two of them in pictures you see that he is so proud of his son. 
I LOVE this photo of the two of them. Look at how Ryan is looking at Corbin...that is a proud father in that picture.
I love my Corbin. He is my firstborn and the first person to ever call me Mommy. He has filled my life with more joy and love than I ever thought a heart could hold.
My cup runneth over!!!!

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