Friday, July 31, 2015

Christopher's Graduation

My nephew Christopher graduated from the police academy today. I am so proud of him. He has worked hard for this and will be an amazing police officer. I have seen so many changes in Christopher this year. He is no longer my little nephew, but has become a husband, father, and now a police officer. He is a wonderful role model for my four boys and I am so proud to be his aunt. His Uncle Ryan has thought he hung the moon from the day he was born. His cousins think he is the greatest thing ever and I love that he always makes time for them even though he is super busy with his own family. I used to always say, "Christopher is a great kid", but now I'm realizing that great kid is turning into a great man right before my eyes! I'm so glad we were able to share this special day with him.

Chris, Liz, and Lilly...beautiful little family
Chris and his dad Clay
Chris and his sis-in-law Courtney
Chris and brother-in-law, Courtney's husband
Chris, Grandpa, and Grandma
The boys :)
Chris and Aunt Casey
Our pretty Lilly girl
Daddy and his Princess. 
Congratulations Chris we are so proud of you!! You have just made sure that your crazy cousins are not going to get away with squat with a cop in the family. :)

VBS 2015

Logan attended VBS at our church this week. Logan loved going to VBS. The theme this year was "Son Spark Lab" and had a science decor and theme. Logan is going to love science because he came home excited every night. 

I didn't help teach this year because I wanted to see how he did without me. Logan and I pretty much do everything together and he needs to get ready for school without Mommy or Meme being there. I was sad to drive away but I will admit 3 hours of alone time was pretty sweet! 

The last night the kids performed songs for the parents and showed us their classrooms and craft projects. The church had homemade ice-cream and cookies for refreshments. 

Logan loved VBS and learned a lot. The best thing all week was during his night time prayers he said, "God, I know you don't like me to hate people so help Trent be nicer so I don't hate him!" He also said in the car the other day, "Mom, I just want to make Jesus' Dad happy!" I love my sweet boy...he makes me and Jesus' Dad happy.

Super Scientist Logan in his glasses and lab coat.
Singing with his friends

My nephew Ian is in the back in the dark shirt and blonde hair.
My nephew James is in the back. He tried to hide behind the kid in front of him but I was quick!
He loved his colorful cookie and ice-cream.
Thanks RCBC for a great week.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Ryan is 41!

Ryan is 41 today. Unfortunately, Cooper Tire gets to share this day with him. :( We took Ryan out to dinner at Zapatas last night since he has to work today. Logan was so excited he wrapped his own gift for Daddy by himself! He gave Ryan 3 of his DVD's wrapped in an old Walmart sack and tied with a Christmas ribbon he found. I love that kid! I hope Cooper doesn't work my sweetie to hard on his birthday! We love you Ryan very much and wish you a very happy 41st birthday.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Family Day: Bowling

Ryan has been working non-stop AGAIN!! I love the overtime but miss my hubby big time! He had an off day yesterday so we decided to have a family day. Corbin is at Children's Church Camp, he is on the recreation team this year. Trent went on vacation with a friend, so it was just Braden and Logan today. We voted to go bowling because Logan had never been bowling. I also thought it was a good choice because with only 4 of us he wouldn't have to wait as long for his turn (patience is hard for a 4 year old!)  We stopped at Steak and Shake first because the boys are ALWAYS hungry...and it's cheap! 

I love that Logan and Braden have had some brother time this week. 
I love my sweet baby.
Logan was so excited to bowl. He LOVED the shoes! He had to go first.
He was actually pretty good at it.
Waiting, waiting...
Come on, come on! He was actually screaming at the ball at this point!
Can you feel the excitement?
He didn't knock ALL the pins down so he walked away and said, "are you kidding me. I hate this stupid game!"
Then it was Braden's turn. Our Braden is competitive at EVERYTHING! He was ready to beat Mom and Dad.

A little victory dance because he got a strike. I won't say he cheated but he did figure out how to bounce it off the kiddie rails they put up for Logan and get a strike! He will of course deny this! 
My boy is so talented he can even bowl and talk on the phone at the same time. Teenagers!!!!

Ryan was up next. He looked so cute bowling. I love my sweet man. 

He didn't quite get the score he wanted. 
The boys had a blast but in the end I was the best bowler!!!! Mom is the best! Ryan and Braden are still nursing their ego wounds! I didn't just win I kicked tail!
Family day was great. We ended the day with snow cones and Logan fell asleep on the way home so Braden had to finish his snow cone so it was a win for everyone!

Monday, July 13, 2015

Foster Family Vacation 2015

Our family took our vacation to the beach this summer. I will admit for years I have said, "I just don't get it, what is so fun about just sitting on the beach all day!" I get it now!!! We had a blast! It was the most relaxing vacation we have had in a long time. 

We chose to go to South Padre Island. We left at midnight on Monday night and it was great because Logan slept for most of the long trip. My dad and mom went with us on vacation this year. My parents rented a large van so we could all ride together and have plenty of room for luggage and to spread out. 
We have always stayed in hotels but this year we rented a 3 bedroom condo. It was perfect. Everyone had their own bed and we had so much room. We also saved money by eating breakfast and lunch at the condo and eating out only once a day. We would sit around the table at night and play cards. My mom and I love to play Rummy and so do Corbin and Braden. We taught Logan to play Uno. He won several games!!!
Our view from the condo. We were just steps away from the beach.

We LOVED the beach. The water was clear and COLD. The boys played in the water, searched for seashells, and built sandcastles. I enjoyed sunbathing and reading a good book. 
We took the boys to Schlitterbahn for one of our days. We rented a cabana and it was nice to have our own little area. It was also a great meeting place so that everyone could go and explore the park and meet back at the cabana. They have an amazing lazy river. Logan loved playing in the kids area and got his Daddy and Papa to ride the slides with him. The older boys chased girls!!!
On our last evening we went on a cruise. The boat took us out and stopped and we watched fireworks. It was so cool the fireworks were right above us. We had the best seats. The boat had music playing and the boys danced and had a blast. Logan was adorable and danced with a girl on the boat. He loves to dance. He also saw a pirate ship on our little cruise and the pirate ship "fired" at us!

We had fun exploring the island and ate at some great restaurants. The boys all got souvenirs and Logan was very excited to get a real sharks tooth necklace.
We had a great week and can't wait to go back next year. I LOVE anytime I get to spend with my family. We had a blast and made some great memories.