Monday, July 13, 2015

Foster Family Vacation 2015

Our family took our vacation to the beach this summer. I will admit for years I have said, "I just don't get it, what is so fun about just sitting on the beach all day!" I get it now!!! We had a blast! It was the most relaxing vacation we have had in a long time. 

We chose to go to South Padre Island. We left at midnight on Monday night and it was great because Logan slept for most of the long trip. My dad and mom went with us on vacation this year. My parents rented a large van so we could all ride together and have plenty of room for luggage and to spread out. 
We have always stayed in hotels but this year we rented a 3 bedroom condo. It was perfect. Everyone had their own bed and we had so much room. We also saved money by eating breakfast and lunch at the condo and eating out only once a day. We would sit around the table at night and play cards. My mom and I love to play Rummy and so do Corbin and Braden. We taught Logan to play Uno. He won several games!!!
Our view from the condo. We were just steps away from the beach.

We LOVED the beach. The water was clear and COLD. The boys played in the water, searched for seashells, and built sandcastles. I enjoyed sunbathing and reading a good book. 
We took the boys to Schlitterbahn for one of our days. We rented a cabana and it was nice to have our own little area. It was also a great meeting place so that everyone could go and explore the park and meet back at the cabana. They have an amazing lazy river. Logan loved playing in the kids area and got his Daddy and Papa to ride the slides with him. The older boys chased girls!!!
On our last evening we went on a cruise. The boat took us out and stopped and we watched fireworks. It was so cool the fireworks were right above us. We had the best seats. The boat had music playing and the boys danced and had a blast. Logan was adorable and danced with a girl on the boat. He loves to dance. He also saw a pirate ship on our little cruise and the pirate ship "fired" at us!

We had fun exploring the island and ate at some great restaurants. The boys all got souvenirs and Logan was very excited to get a real sharks tooth necklace.
We had a great week and can't wait to go back next year. I LOVE anytime I get to spend with my family. We had a blast and made some great memories.

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