Friday, July 31, 2015

VBS 2015

Logan attended VBS at our church this week. Logan loved going to VBS. The theme this year was "Son Spark Lab" and had a science decor and theme. Logan is going to love science because he came home excited every night. 

I didn't help teach this year because I wanted to see how he did without me. Logan and I pretty much do everything together and he needs to get ready for school without Mommy or Meme being there. I was sad to drive away but I will admit 3 hours of alone time was pretty sweet! 

The last night the kids performed songs for the parents and showed us their classrooms and craft projects. The church had homemade ice-cream and cookies for refreshments. 

Logan loved VBS and learned a lot. The best thing all week was during his night time prayers he said, "God, I know you don't like me to hate people so help Trent be nicer so I don't hate him!" He also said in the car the other day, "Mom, I just want to make Jesus' Dad happy!" I love my sweet boy...he makes me and Jesus' Dad happy.

Super Scientist Logan in his glasses and lab coat.
Singing with his friends

My nephew Ian is in the back in the dark shirt and blonde hair.
My nephew James is in the back. He tried to hide behind the kid in front of him but I was quick!
He loved his colorful cookie and ice-cream.
Thanks RCBC for a great week.

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