Thursday, August 6, 2015

40 and Fabulous

Today is my birthday...the big one...I'm 40. It hasn't bothered me like I thought it would. I honestly don't feel 40. I am shocked at how fast 40 got here, but I'm okay with the number. I have learned a lot in the first 40 years and I plan on leaving my mark on this world with the next 40 years I may possibly be on this Earth. 

The day started out a little sad, Logan woke up at 3 am with fever. :( My husband woke me up with donuts and kolaches and surprised me with a scheduled 1 hour massage. I was so excited! The morning got even better, my oldest, Corbin, surprised me with a facial and both were scheduled for today!!!! I was a pampered princess for my birthday. My guys know me well. 

I had lunch at Lee's China and this was the fortune in my cookie.

I returned home to more presents from my guys! Braden got me a Sprite and a homemade "cup ball" toy. I really worry about this child sometimes! I drank the Sprite right away but I'm not sure what to do with the toy. I like that Braden wanted to do something special for me and knew my favorite drink. 
Trent gave me a new soap sponge and body wash and nail polish. I get even more pampering. He knows I love baths. There were 4 nail polishes but Trent learned a lesson that when you leave things in a hot car they can EXPLODE! Thank goodness it was in a Wal-Mart sack but everything in the sack is covered in blue glitter paint. 
Logan made me a card and it said, "I love you Mom. Be my girl. Love Logan". Be still my heart! 
My best friend sent me a beautiful floral arrangement. I never get's just not Ryan's thing. I loved getting these beautiful flowers. Sarah knows me well.
My in-laws planned a party for me and my sweet nieces and nephews decorated for me. It was a great night. I love spending time with my family.
My nieces made the flowers and my nephew made the "Grammy Award". They are all very creative. They each had a special card for me.
Michael and Aunt Casey
Caroline and Aunt Casey
Camryn and Aunt Casey. She wanted everyone to know she just got out of the pool so that's why she has a towel on her head. This girl is funny.
My sweet Lilly bug. 
My favorite card was from my in-laws. 
I had help blowing out my candles and opening my gifts.
My big boys will always be my babies.
I had a great day and the celebration isn't over yet. I get to go away for the weekend with my mom. We are going to a family wedding but we are getting to go without kids. I'm excited to have some mommy/daughter time. Thank you everyone that has wished me a Happy Birthday. I am feeling 40 and Fabulous!

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