Saturday, August 29, 2015

Date Night

Ryan had a night off and we had a date night. Ryan and I very rarely spend time away from our guys, but really try to carve out couple time when we can. Ryan has been my best friend since 5th grade and when I have free time I always want to spend it with him. We always have the best time together. I'm a very lucky girl to still be crazy in love with my husband after all these years. I'm so glad God chose him just for me.
We went to a new restaurant tonight called Pop's Place. We like to try new places and we LOVED this place. We also wanted to celebrate Ryan's promotion at work.
Ryan ordered the steak and it was delicious. I'm really picky about my steak and this one was tender and delicious. He had already started on his plate before I got a picture.
I ordered the seared Ahi tuna. It was so good. Ryan will not try sushi or anything that is semi raw, but he tried a bite and said he really liked it.
My drink of choice is always an Ameretto Sour and I had one, but I also tried the drink special tonight which was a Hatch Chile Margarita. It was really good but packed a lot of heat. You didn't feel the heat at first but then it would hit you in the back of your throat. Ryan liked it because it reminded him of a Bloody Mary without the tomato juice and he loves Bloody Mary's.
We had the best time tonight. 

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