Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Logan~my funny little man

 Logan is at a really fun age right now. He is only 4 but he thinks he is older because of his big brothers. I still refer to him as the baby and will probably still be doing this when he's 40. Ryan calls him "little man". He is a happy and active little boy. Logan tells me all the time, "I can do it, I'm a big boy". When Logan does not want to do something he says, "I can't do that, I'm just a baby"! 
     I have a child with autism and I'm just a tad bit OCD so our lives are very structured and scheduled. I expect my children to have a bedtime and to sleep in their own rooms. Logan was great at sleeping in his own room, the key word here is was. Logan got sick a few months ago and had to take medicine every few hours and since I was exhausted from several days of a sick kiddo and Ryan was working graveyard I put Logan in my bed...he's still here!!!! He is a wild sleeper so Ryan usually ends up going upstairs and sleeping in Logan's bed at some point on the nights he's off! Logan is so happy with this arrangement he refers to the master bedroom as "our" room and Logan's room as "daddy's" room! I know, I know, this is horrible...I promise I'm working on it. 
     Logan likes to call me "honey". He will say, "honey, you make the best pancakes", or "honey, you look beautiful today". I love it! He also likes to call me sexy baby and tells me to call him good looking...he calls Ryan Big Poppa!! I really don't know where he gets this from but it is something we are trying to correct. No matter how many times I say I'm not sexy baby I'm mommy, he still says it. The people of Walmart-Mart even give us funny looks when they hear him say "hey sexy baby"! If the Wal-Mart crowd thinks it's strange you know you're in trouble!
     I went out of town a couple weeks ago and my in-laws kept Logan. Logan went to church with them on Sunday and since we are Baptist and they are Catholic the service was a little different than what he is used to. There was a teenage boy at the alter that day and he had a beard and his hair was a little long like the teenagers are wearing it these days. He had on a long robe and a tall cross. Logan said to grandma, "I didn't know Jesus came to your church". Grandma explained that he wasn't Jesus.  She also told Logan that after service they had donuts and if he behaved he could have a donut. That night as I was tucking Logan in he asked, "Mom, why don't we have fake Jesus and donuts at our church"! I laughed for a long time. 
    This weekend he decided he needed to make "money's"...that's what he calls it. He wants a soccer ball so he decided to sell water to make money. He set up a little table and glasses of water. He made us all pay "money's" for water from the tap...and you know we all did.
     He also wants to help Ryan do EVERYTHING. Ryan can't move that Logan isn't right behind him. It is really cute.

Helping dad pump gas and wash the windows. He LOVES washing the windows.
Helping dad wash the car.
I am really enjoying this time with Logan   because I know how quickly they grow up. Ryan and I are truly blessed to have this little guy to raise...oops I'm suppose to call him good looking!


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