Friday, August 28, 2015

Week One is Over

The Foster Four survived the first week of school! 

Corbin likes his classes and is enjoying his job. I was so glad he chose to stay home because I couldn't imagine not seeing him all the time, but honestly I've barely seen him this week. 

Braden called and said he loves Senior year so far. He said the drive to school isn't bad and he got late arrival so he really liked that.

Trent has to get up at 4:45 am every day to get ready to go to swim practice and that schedule has been hard to get used to this week. He has made a lot of friends in swim and the upperclassmen are really including the Freshman in activities. Trent has become a busy guy, he had a party last Friday night, he is at a party tonight, and he has one next Friday night! He really likes his Ag class and loves French.

Logan is in love with school. He jumps out of bed every morning excited about school. He has not cried once all week. The kids have lockers in the hall and he said on Monday, "I got a yellow locker and I wanted a red locker, but that's just life mom". I said, "your right Logan". He said, "I put my stuff in the red locker anyways"! He had a green happy face every day except yesterday. He had a yellow face and note that said talking back. He said, "it wasn't me mom, she can't see well and she wrote it in the wrong folder"...he got a spanking for lying! When I put him to bed and he said his prayers the guilt started eating at him. He said, "I'm sorry I let you down mom". He said he didn't mean to talk back that he was trying to explain to her that she gave him the wrong materials and he was telling her that. We talked about being respectful. He was very excited about today because the cheerleaders were selling tattoos for the football game. The cheerleader helped him put the tattoo on but she put it on upside down...he didn't care!

I had a great first week in first grade and I have some really sweet kiddos this year. My class ended the week with cupcakes and juice for one of my boys birthdays today...not a bad way to wrap up week one!

My boys are happy so that makes me happy! Week one is in the books.

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