Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Oh No...we have a cavity!

It's official that I am not going to win Mom of the Year this year!!! My baby went to the dentist and had a cavity. We had to go back to have it fixed today. Logan was nervous. I tried to be really honest and tell him everything that was going to happen. I don't believe in lying to children and saying things like it won't hurt. He was such a trooper that we spent the rest of the day just doing what Logan wanted to do. 

My cutie in that big chair.
He thought the x-Rays of his teeth were really cool.
He didn't like when he got the shot to numb his mouth, but only cried for a second. 
He hated the nose piece for the gas.
He was such a big boy that he got to get two toys!

He loves that they have arcade games while you wait.

He wanted to see how tall he was.
He wanted to eat at the "Cracker" place...Cracker Barrel. He loves pancakes and since his mouth was numb a soft pancake was perfect. We played a little connect four while we waited.

He wasn't sure about this ghost.
I am so proud of how well he did today at the dentist. He said he NEVER wants to do this again so he is going to brush his teeth all the time and not eat candy! I'm guessing he will change the candy idea before Halloween gets here. 

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Our busy, busy weekend

I love, love, love my boys, but after a weekend that was so busy I sometimes wonder if 4 children was such a good idea!!! Just kidding, I love being a boymom and going to all their activities. 

Friday: I had a   L-O-N-G day at school and then had to wait on Trent to get done with weightlifting at 5:00. He jumped in the car and immediately asked if he could have 2 friends spend the night. I said, "Trent I have just spent all day with children that are not my own so why not spend it with 2 more"! He said, "so that's a yes?" I said yes of course! I love his friends and they are so used to me that 2 extras was no biggie. I took them to eat at Redwater Diner to eat because I just wasn't up to cooking. The boys taught me a fun new card game while we waited on our food.

Saturday: Trent had time trials at the college. He had to swim every event so he could get his seed times for the swim meets this year. It took most of the day. Ryan and I were so shocked at how much improvement he shows from last season. He is getting really fast. He did well in all the events but the 50 yard backstroke is definitely my boys event.       I love cheering for my tiger shark. He had a party afterwards for swim and then a movie night with friends. I had to go get groceries at Wal-Mart for the week. It was a busy, busy day.

Ready to cheer on my favorite tiger shark.
My little Michael Phelps!
Logan wanted a selfie with mom while we wait.
Trent has some fans in the stands. This is Gage and Ian, they are Trent's best friends. I am so glad Trent has made such good friends. I just love these two boys.
Sunday: we had lots of projects and lots of laundry!! I made a special dinner and two pies for dessert. The best part of the day was that Liz and Lilly came to dinner. Lilly is growing so fast. I am so in love with this sweet girl. She loves Logan and he loves her right back. He said the prayer at dinner and he said, "dear God, thank you for Lilly, amen". 

I had help folding laundry.
Logan and Lilly time. Who needs a playpen, not us, we just put her in a laundry basket with a blanket and pillow! She loved it!! I didn't get pictures but Trent and Corbin are so good with this baby. She has all the Foster's wrapped around her finger.

The Foster's are rested...well sorta...and ready for the next week...well sorta on that too!!! 

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Should I be worried???

Logan is not your average 4 year old. I had to go to Wal-Mart last night to get groceries and I took my favorite 4 year old with me. We went on the Halloween aisle and he picked his costume for this year. He decided to be a cop just like his Aunt Sarah. The attacks on our men and women in blue takes on a whole new meaning when your family member wears blue....but that's a whole different blog post! He is very excited about his outfit and woke up this morning begging to wear it!

We went to the toy aisle next because with a 4 year old in tow you are not going to be allowed to skip this aisle!!! We had a conversation about our upcoming 5th birthday and Christmas coming up so we were just looking! We do not understand "just looking" and decided to have a little meltdown so Santa called on Mommy's phone to let Mr. Logan know he was very close to being put on the naughty list!!! Mommy said he could get a small Hot Wheel car and he decided that was a good idea and chose his car.

We were finally on our way to the grocery side of the store. Here is where our trip took an odd turn. Logan saw two items that he just had to have! He stated and I quote, "I can't live without it Mom.  If you let me have it I'll help you every day! Pweaz!!!" He even put the car back when I told him he could only have one thing!  

Here is the item, drum roll please.....
Yes, you are seeing what you think. It is a whisk and kitchen tongs (grabbers in Logan language). I'm just as speechless as you are. My question is...should I be worried? The happy little boy in this next picture tells me Nah, don't worry. He is a different 4 year old but all of my children have a little oddness to them...they get it from their Daddy. There is no one in this world I love more than their Daddy so if they turn out just like him, lucky me!!!! I love my babies. 
I'm off to the kitchen my baby has some new "toys" he wants to play with!!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Tiger shark Trent

Trenton loves to swim. He has loved swimming since he was itty bitty. He is on the swim team at Texas High and swims every day for several hours a day. 

Trent has been sick for a week or so now. I thought it was just allergies but this morning he felt really bad. We gave him medicine and made him go because he missed a day last week because of a virus. He called after swim almost in tears saying he was feeling so bad! My mom was sweet and picked him up and took him to the doctor for me. My poor baby has a upper respiratory infection and is running fever and I made him go to school this morning and swim for several hours!!!! I am NOT going to win "mother of the year" this year! 

He said they did time trials this morning and he kept coming in first several times! He shaved several seconds off his time today. I said, "that's great Trent. You did all of that sick"! He said, "I don't know if it was great I couldn't breathe so I was just swimming for my life"!!!! I laughed so hard!

I love my tiger shark. He is not going tomorrow and with breathing treatments and meds hopefully he is on the mend. Pray that this illness leaves my boy quickly!

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Four States Fair 2015

The Foster's went to the fair today. Logan was so excited...I think Trent and Corbin were just as excited. I love the fair. I did not love the heat! We had a great time and rode lots of rides. 

My future marine.
He was able to do pull ups this year. Last year he could barely do one. The swim workouts are really helping Trent.
My funny rooster 
My farmer Trent
My brother and sister-in-law raise chickens and love it. I think Jamey is my favorite rooster.
My nephew Conner and his friend Atticus restored this train wagon and won first place for their Ag project.

This was our Lilly Bugs first fair. She was really good. I took her in the painting exhibit hall to cool off because it's air conditioned. I can't wait until next year when she can ride the carousel.
She did take a little nap on Mom.
Trent was a little scared on this ride. I wish I could have captured his face when they came down...priceless!

Logan loved riding rides with his cousins James and Ian.

He loved the animals
But he loved this tractor the most

The cow licked his arm and he did not like it.
Dad calmed him down. Daddy always knows how to calm him but not baby him. He got him to get back in there and pet the cow and not be afraid.

We had the roasted's my fave. We also ate at 30 burger. The burgers and fries were great. Corbin ordered the Bear Bait. It's a burger but the bun is a glazed donut!!! He said it was wonderful. Luckily he is only 18 because my 40 year old heart could not eat that heart attack in a box! 
This years fair was a success and the Foster's are home and exhausted. I did make one big parent mistake...I forgot to buy cotton candy!!! I'm sure I have scarred Logan for life!! Oh well, there's always next years fair.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Harry Potter Butter Beer Night

I found a recipe years ago for Harry Potter Butter Beer. My boys were huge fans of all things Harry Potter at that time so I thought they would love this treat. I have made this drink lots of times for the boys and it is always a hit. The boys were talking about butter beer the other day and Logan asked what it was. I realized I have never made butter beer for Logan. I bought all the ingredients this weekend and tonight was butter beer night. It was a hit and Logan loved it. 

Harry Potter Butter Beer Recipe:
  1- 2 liter bottle cream soda
  Butter extract
  Rum extract
  1-7 oz. marshmallow cream
  Whipping Cream

Mix 2 tablespoons butter extract and 2 teaspoons rum extract into the cream soda. Return the cap and gently rotate back and forth to mix.

In a bowl mix 7 oz. marshmallow cream, 1 cup whipping cream, and 1 teaspoon rum extract with a mixer on low speed until thick and foamy.

Pour a glass of cream soda and spoon the "foam" on top.

I hope your kiddos love it as much as my boys do. My little muggle loved our butter beer night.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Date Night with Little Man

     Logan has been really clingy this week. It's not like my little guy to be like this. I dropped him off at my moms on Thursday and he clung to my neck and cried "don't leave me, don't go to work"! It broke my heart, he has never done this before. I don't know if it's starting school or if he just doesn't feel good. He loves school but this week he was a big Momma's boy. 
     He decided on Friday night that he wanted to go on date with Mom on Saturday. This worked out perfect because Trent had a party to go to that night so I could drop him off and go have fun with Logan and pick Trent up later. 
     Logan planned everything. He wanted to go to Chuck E. Cheese to play and eat. He held the door open for me and said "ladies first"...I loved it! He loves Chuck E Cheese and I like playing games with him.
     We went to the mall next. He wanted to do a little shopping. I wanted to get a new fall scent from Bath and Body Works. He found an anti-bacterial hand sanitizer called Vampires Blood that he insisted he needed for school. He said those kids don't know how to cover their mouths when they cough so there are germs everywhere!!! We went to the candy store and I let him pick all of his favorite candy.
     We went to Books-A-Million next. He loves going there. We ordered drinks...he loves their chocolate milk. He had to get comfortable to read. He makes me laugh. He said we had to whisper like we were in a library.
     He is always doing something funny. This man was giving me a funny look as I took this picture. I'm sure he was thinking I should have been teaching him not to do this instead of documenting the moment! I have realized with my fourth child to not sweat the small stuff. He is a pretty awesome kid! The other three are pretty awesome too so I must be doing something right. 
    He held doors for me and held my hand and called me Honey all night. I loved my "date night" with my little man.