Sunday, September 13, 2015

Four States Fair 2015

The Foster's went to the fair today. Logan was so excited...I think Trent and Corbin were just as excited. I love the fair. I did not love the heat! We had a great time and rode lots of rides. 

My future marine.
He was able to do pull ups this year. Last year he could barely do one. The swim workouts are really helping Trent.
My funny rooster 
My farmer Trent
My brother and sister-in-law raise chickens and love it. I think Jamey is my favorite rooster.
My nephew Conner and his friend Atticus restored this train wagon and won first place for their Ag project.

This was our Lilly Bugs first fair. She was really good. I took her in the painting exhibit hall to cool off because it's air conditioned. I can't wait until next year when she can ride the carousel.
She did take a little nap on Mom.
Trent was a little scared on this ride. I wish I could have captured his face when they came down...priceless!

Logan loved riding rides with his cousins James and Ian.

He loved the animals
But he loved this tractor the most

The cow licked his arm and he did not like it.
Dad calmed him down. Daddy always knows how to calm him but not baby him. He got him to get back in there and pet the cow and not be afraid.

We had the roasted's my fave. We also ate at 30 burger. The burgers and fries were great. Corbin ordered the Bear Bait. It's a burger but the bun is a glazed donut!!! He said it was wonderful. Luckily he is only 18 because my 40 year old heart could not eat that heart attack in a box! 
This years fair was a success and the Foster's are home and exhausted. I did make one big parent mistake...I forgot to buy cotton candy!!! I'm sure I have scarred Logan for life!! Oh well, there's always next years fair.

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