Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Oh No...we have a cavity!

It's official that I am not going to win Mom of the Year this year!!! My baby went to the dentist and had a cavity. We had to go back to have it fixed today. Logan was nervous. I tried to be really honest and tell him everything that was going to happen. I don't believe in lying to children and saying things like it won't hurt. He was such a trooper that we spent the rest of the day just doing what Logan wanted to do. 

My cutie in that big chair.
He thought the x-Rays of his teeth were really cool.
He didn't like when he got the shot to numb his mouth, but only cried for a second. 
He hated the nose piece for the gas.
He was such a big boy that he got to get two toys!

He loves that they have arcade games while you wait.

He wanted to see how tall he was.
He wanted to eat at the "Cracker" place...Cracker Barrel. He loves pancakes and since his mouth was numb a soft pancake was perfect. We played a little connect four while we waited.

He wasn't sure about this ghost.
I am so proud of how well he did today at the dentist. He said he NEVER wants to do this again so he is going to brush his teeth all the time and not eat candy! I'm guessing he will change the candy idea before Halloween gets here. 

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