Sunday, September 27, 2015

Our busy, busy weekend

I love, love, love my boys, but after a weekend that was so busy I sometimes wonder if 4 children was such a good idea!!! Just kidding, I love being a boymom and going to all their activities. 

Friday: I had a   L-O-N-G day at school and then had to wait on Trent to get done with weightlifting at 5:00. He jumped in the car and immediately asked if he could have 2 friends spend the night. I said, "Trent I have just spent all day with children that are not my own so why not spend it with 2 more"! He said, "so that's a yes?" I said yes of course! I love his friends and they are so used to me that 2 extras was no biggie. I took them to eat at Redwater Diner to eat because I just wasn't up to cooking. The boys taught me a fun new card game while we waited on our food.

Saturday: Trent had time trials at the college. He had to swim every event so he could get his seed times for the swim meets this year. It took most of the day. Ryan and I were so shocked at how much improvement he shows from last season. He is getting really fast. He did well in all the events but the 50 yard backstroke is definitely my boys event.       I love cheering for my tiger shark. He had a party afterwards for swim and then a movie night with friends. I had to go get groceries at Wal-Mart for the week. It was a busy, busy day.

Ready to cheer on my favorite tiger shark.
My little Michael Phelps!
Logan wanted a selfie with mom while we wait.
Trent has some fans in the stands. This is Gage and Ian, they are Trent's best friends. I am so glad Trent has made such good friends. I just love these two boys.
Sunday: we had lots of projects and lots of laundry!! I made a special dinner and two pies for dessert. The best part of the day was that Liz and Lilly came to dinner. Lilly is growing so fast. I am so in love with this sweet girl. She loves Logan and he loves her right back. He said the prayer at dinner and he said, "dear God, thank you for Lilly, amen". 

I had help folding laundry.
Logan and Lilly time. Who needs a playpen, not us, we just put her in a laundry basket with a blanket and pillow! She loved it!! I didn't get pictures but Trent and Corbin are so good with this baby. She has all the Foster's wrapped around her finger.

The Foster's are rested...well sorta...and ready for the next week...well sorta on that too!!! 

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