Sunday, September 20, 2015

Should I be worried???

Logan is not your average 4 year old. I had to go to Wal-Mart last night to get groceries and I took my favorite 4 year old with me. We went on the Halloween aisle and he picked his costume for this year. He decided to be a cop just like his Aunt Sarah. The attacks on our men and women in blue takes on a whole new meaning when your family member wears blue....but that's a whole different blog post! He is very excited about his outfit and woke up this morning begging to wear it!

We went to the toy aisle next because with a 4 year old in tow you are not going to be allowed to skip this aisle!!! We had a conversation about our upcoming 5th birthday and Christmas coming up so we were just looking! We do not understand "just looking" and decided to have a little meltdown so Santa called on Mommy's phone to let Mr. Logan know he was very close to being put on the naughty list!!! Mommy said he could get a small Hot Wheel car and he decided that was a good idea and chose his car.

We were finally on our way to the grocery side of the store. Here is where our trip took an odd turn. Logan saw two items that he just had to have! He stated and I quote, "I can't live without it Mom.  If you let me have it I'll help you every day! Pweaz!!!" He even put the car back when I told him he could only have one thing!  

Here is the item, drum roll please.....
Yes, you are seeing what you think. It is a whisk and kitchen tongs (grabbers in Logan language). I'm just as speechless as you are. My question is...should I be worried? The happy little boy in this next picture tells me Nah, don't worry. He is a different 4 year old but all of my children have a little oddness to them...they get it from their Daddy. There is no one in this world I love more than their Daddy so if they turn out just like him, lucky me!!!! I love my babies. 
I'm off to the kitchen my baby has some new "toys" he wants to play with!!!

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