Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Tiger shark Trent

Trenton loves to swim. He has loved swimming since he was itty bitty. He is on the swim team at Texas High and swims every day for several hours a day. 

Trent has been sick for a week or so now. I thought it was just allergies but this morning he felt really bad. We gave him medicine and made him go because he missed a day last week because of a virus. He called after swim almost in tears saying he was feeling so bad! My mom was sweet and picked him up and took him to the doctor for me. My poor baby has a upper respiratory infection and is running fever and I made him go to school this morning and swim for several hours!!!! I am NOT going to win "mother of the year" this year! 

He said they did time trials this morning and he kept coming in first several times! He shaved several seconds off his time today. I said, "that's great Trent. You did all of that sick"! He said, "I don't know if it was great I couldn't breathe so I was just swimming for my life"!!!! I laughed so hard!

I love my tiger shark. He is not going tomorrow and with breathing treatments and meds hopefully he is on the mend. Pray that this illness leaves my boy quickly!

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