Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween 2015

From: God.    To: Women!!!!!!!
Officer Logan is on the case.
Rebecca and Jamey~Jamey said he was dressed up as Ryan.
Lilly~the cutest Cabbage Patch Kid Ever!!!!!
My sweet little doll. Corbin took her to a few doors and people said sweetie your Daddy is going to eat all your candy~freaked Corbin out~Corbin a daddy freaks me out-not yet!!!!
Logan and Lilly~he loves his Lilly
Sweet Alyssah~tiger princess
Michael, Camryn, & Caroline

Logan and Corbin carved a pumpkin. Chef Corbin roasted the seeds~Ranch, Honey Sriacha, Honey Roasted, & Pumpkin Pie. 
Happy Halloween from the Foster's.

Logan's party

Logan had his 5th birthday party at Chuck E Cheese today. He had a blast! We scheduled his party at 10 a.m. because Trent had a swim meet at 12:00. The swim meet was cancelled because of weather but the party was a success even at 10 am. No one was there but our was like having a private party just for us! Logan got to take someone in the ticket blaster with him and he picked Corbin...they racked up! Logan ended up with 2,753 tickets!!!! He picked a huge Lego battleship set. Chuck E Cheese was a hit for my little 5 year old.

Ticket Blaster fun
Uncle Jamey's hat and pocket stuffing...we don't mess around...we came prepared!!!!

He couldn't wait to spend his birthday "monies"!
Birthday money prize and a photo bombing Corbin.
This Mom and Dad are so glad he had a fun birthday week but we.are.exhausted! Happy Birthday Logan!

Friday, October 30, 2015

Logan's 1st Halloween Party

Logan had his 1st school party today. He was so excited. The kids changed into their costumes for the party. I was so glad I was able to go to his party. The kiddos liked their Frankenstein cans. He enjoyed the party. The kids had dirt cup pudding and green punch with worms and Logan wouldn't touch it. He said the pudding was dirt and you don't eat dirt and the punch was pond slime and he wasn't having it! 

Logan and his best buddy Bryston.
Ninja Turtle cops!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Logan is 5!!!

My baby is 5 today! Five years have gone by so fast. He has been counting down the days to his birthday and telling me all the things he can do once he turns 5. I tucked him in last night and said, "this is my last 4 year old kiss", he just smiled and kissed me. I told him tomorrow's the big day, he shook his head yes. I said, "now that your 5 you start sleeping in your own bed". He looked at me shocked and said, "well just forget it, I'll just stay 4"! 

I woke him up by singing happy birthday to him and he got a cupcake for breakfast.

I bought the cutest cupcakes for him to take to his class party. We picked "monsters" for Halloween week.
Here is a little flashback of this cute little guy.

I get a lot of looks and statements about having an 18, 17, 14, and now 5 year old  such as, "you started all over", or "glad it's you and not me"....I'm glad it's me!!!!! Thank you God for picking me to be this happy little boys mommy!

This year with Corbin graduating and being in college I realized how fast it goes by. I am enjoying every little milestone moment I can with this little guy. I'm hoping 5 is the magic big boy bed number but I have a feeling if Logan has his way 10 will be the magic number!!!!