Saturday, October 31, 2015

Logan's party

Logan had his 5th birthday party at Chuck E Cheese today. He had a blast! We scheduled his party at 10 a.m. because Trent had a swim meet at 12:00. The swim meet was cancelled because of weather but the party was a success even at 10 am. No one was there but our was like having a private party just for us! Logan got to take someone in the ticket blaster with him and he picked Corbin...they racked up! Logan ended up with 2,753 tickets!!!! He picked a huge Lego battleship set. Chuck E Cheese was a hit for my little 5 year old.

Ticket Blaster fun
Uncle Jamey's hat and pocket stuffing...we don't mess around...we came prepared!!!!

He couldn't wait to spend his birthday "monies"!
Birthday money prize and a photo bombing Corbin.
This Mom and Dad are so glad he had a fun birthday week but we.are.exhausted! Happy Birthday Logan!

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