Sunday, January 31, 2016

Mom, don't be mad...

You know it's never a good thing when your child says, mom, don't be mad...

Logan likes to take his lunch to school and likes Lunchables. I will admit Lunchables are handy and quick but I try to make his lunch as often as possible and only use Lunchables for hectic mornings. This week Ryan was off on Tuesday and helped me get Logan ready so I had extra time to make a special lunch for my little guy. I made him his favorite turkey and cheese sandwich...he does not like pb&j...I know weird, right! 
I decided to cut his sandwich in a heart shape. I couldn't find my large heart cookie cutter so I cut them in little hearts. He loved it. 

On Wednesday, Logan decided to eat in the cafeteria at school. I liked that idea. 

When Thursday came around, you guessed it he wanted little heart sandwiches, but mommy was running late and we were out of Lunchables so I told him he had to eat in the cafeteria. I'm not for sure but I think I heard him whisper, "your not winning mommy of the year this year", from the backseat!!

I received a text from his teacher later saying Logan had ordered nachos but wouldn't eat them. He told her they were going to make him throw up so she gave him her turkey and cheese sandwich and hoped that was okay. I told her thank you for sharing her lunch and apologized that he ate her lunch. My child ate his teachers lunch! That afternoon when I asked him about it he said, "don't be mad mom!" 

Can you guess what happened Friday?
Little heart sandwiches!!! My baby is spoiled rotten and it's my fault!!!! I'd still make Corbin, Braden, and Trent little heart sandwiches if they would let me! I love to spoil my boys!!!

Sunday, January 24, 2016

What does Logan think?

I have loved reading the Facebook posts where parents ask their children to answer questions about their mom or dad. I decided this would be fun to do with Logan.

Answers by Logan age 5.

1. What is something I always say to you?
     -I love you

2. What makes me happy?
     -my kisses

3. What makes me sad?
     -when I do bad stuff

4. How do I make you laugh?
     -when you dance

5. What was I like as a child?
     -you liked oranges and apples and you acted good at school.

6. How old am I?
     -your 16
This made me curious so I asked
How old is daddy?

7. How tall am I?
     90 feet tall

8. What is my favorite thing to do?
      -go to stores and buy candy

9. What do I do when your not around?
     -you play Mario Bros. on the Wii U

10. What am I really good at?
     -exercising, cooking food, and camping

11. What am I not very good at?
     -bringing people some food. You make us get our own food. That's not nice. You need to bring food to us.

12. What do I do for a job?
     -you teach people

13. What is my favorite food?
     -fish & dumplins

14. What do you enjoy doing with me?
     -playing games

I'm not sure about a few of these answers but I am positive that I love this little boy!

Saturday, January 23, 2016

A Simple Saturday

We started our Saturday early this morning. The church youth group is attending a rally at Wake Village Baptist Church this weekend. Ryan and I are housing 8 teenage boys for the weekend. I woke up early to start breakfast for our crew of house guests. 

Ian had a basketball game so Logan and I went to watch him play.

My brother Jamey is coach for Ian's team. I am proud of the father Jamey is to his boys. He always steps up and coaches their teams and is fair to all the boys. 
My cousin Wade's son Wayden is playing on Jamey's team.
Ian Wayne playing ball

Logan saw his friend Caleb on the other side and went to play.
Ian being silly.
My sister in law Rebecca being silly.
Logan and Caleb
Wayden playing ball
We went to Texarkana after the game. My nephew James and my mom came with us. The boys wanted to eat at Steak and Shake. They are so cute in their hats.

Logan got a new pair of shoes for school. He loves them. He had to practice running in every pair he tried on. He swears this pair was the fastest in the store!
We had to get groceries this afternoon and we had dinner at Subway. 

Cuddled up with Logan is my favorite way to end the day.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Birthdays, Anniversaries, & Brisket

Our moms have birthdays that are a week apart. My mother-in-laws birthday is January 13 and my moms is January 21. We decided to throw a joint birthday party for our moms and since Chris and Liz celebrated their 1st anniversary on January 12 we made it one big celebration! 

Ryan decided it was a great idea to use his new smoker to smoke a brisket and ribs. I made baked beans, corn salad, and orange fluff. We had rolls and a birthday cake for dessert. The food was delicious. 

How cute are they. One year down, 50 or more to go. I love these two.
My sweet mom
My sweet mil
Lilly had a good time.
Papa and Corbs
Grandpa and Lilly bug.
Cake time

Sweetest face in the world
Cake cutting is serious business
Corbin sharing ice cream with Lilly
She loved it!
Happy Birthday moms and happy anniversary Chris and Liz. We love you all so much.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Birthday Party Fun

Logan was invited to Avery's birthday party last Sunday. He was so excited. Logan loves playing with Avery. The party was at Zoofari at Central Mall. Zoofari is a lot like Build a Bear. The kids picked their animal and then stuffed their animal. You can choose to have the machine stuff the animal or the child. Avery's mom, Alicia, thought it would be fun for the kids to stuff their animals and I agree it was neat.

Logan chose a wolf. 
Logan and Avery
Logan, Avery, and Tyler...sweet cousins
The kiddos stuffing their animals.

He made a wish and added his star inside his animal.
His finished wolf that he named Hunter.
Logan and Tyler
The kids and their animals
They made a wolf, bunny, frog, turtle, hippo, giraffe, puppy purse, and monkey. They were precious.
We walked down to the play area and the kids played and enjoyed cookie cake and drinks. 

Happy 5th birthday Avery! Thanks for inviting Logan, he had a blast!

New Years Eve

I'm just a little behind on this post. Aunt Sarah came to visit and celebrate the new year with us. We had a wonderful day. We went shopping, had a nice lunch, and watched the movie "Sisters". We came home and ate snacks and played board games. We popped fireworks and drank champagne...ginger ale for Logan...and celebrated the new year. It was a great time. Logan even made it to midnight!

We had a nice brunch the next day with mimosas. We had our traditional dinner of ham, black eyed peas, cabbage, cornbread, and turnips. Aunt Sarah made a delicious eclair cake for dessert.

Happy New Year 2016.