Sunday, January 10, 2016

Birthday Party Fun

Logan was invited to Avery's birthday party last Sunday. He was so excited. Logan loves playing with Avery. The party was at Zoofari at Central Mall. Zoofari is a lot like Build a Bear. The kids picked their animal and then stuffed their animal. You can choose to have the machine stuff the animal or the child. Avery's mom, Alicia, thought it would be fun for the kids to stuff their animals and I agree it was neat.

Logan chose a wolf. 
Logan and Avery
Logan, Avery, and Tyler...sweet cousins
The kiddos stuffing their animals.

He made a wish and added his star inside his animal.
His finished wolf that he named Hunter.
Logan and Tyler
The kids and their animals
They made a wolf, bunny, frog, turtle, hippo, giraffe, puppy purse, and monkey. They were precious.
We walked down to the play area and the kids played and enjoyed cookie cake and drinks. 

Happy 5th birthday Avery! Thanks for inviting Logan, he had a blast!

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